Food Holidays

Celebrate Hot Fudge Sundae Day

Jul 25, 2020

Beta males just don't even know. Too intimidated by the raw power that hot fudge sundaes radiate. You actually need to be wearing sunscreen to consume one, if you're fair skinned. HFS takes no prisoners, because it doesn't have a jail.

Celebrate Tequila Day

Jul 24, 2020

We poppin' bottles. Look out. Oh snap, we're poppin' tequila. That's because we lost something deep to our heart, and this is the hard liquor for dealing with pain. No liquor will hit you harder, plus it's cheaper than therapy.

Celebrate Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Jul 23, 2020

It's the OG ice cream that makes us scream. Rhymes flowing through my veins, because vanilla ice cream is taking the reigns. Hell yeah! Vanilla ice cream is the best. Other flavors are cool, but they don't pair with stuff like VIC.

Celebrate Penuche Day

Jul 22, 2020

Do you like fudge? Cool. Yeah it's pretty good. We were just checking, because you know there are some people that are haters on it. Especially penuche, since most people just don't even know about it (unless they got a smart phone).

Celebrate Junk Food Day

Jul 21, 2020

You could eat healthy, but that's whatever. Yes it's good for you and what you should do, but sometimes you just need to be bad. Sometimes you got to listen to that devil on your shoulder and have a candy bar.

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