Food Holidays

There's a new food holiday every day, and we have something to say about each of them.

Actually Don't Celebrate Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Dec 16

We're tired of doing food holidays. Correction: Brian Durkin - the person that makes all this stuff (that's me) - is tired of doing food holidays, especially ones centered around chocolate. You think the 341st holiday would be cool.

Celebrate Lemon Cupcakes

Dec 15

Light, playful, delicious, and all round good people. That's how we would describe the irresistible lemon cupcake. It's no surprise that lemon cupcakes always wear a good helping of icing. Everyone trying to pipe on them.

Celebrate Biscuits and Gravy Day

Dec 14

Keep your cookies, you wankers, because we want that American biscuits and gravy. No way you can dunk some chocolate chip into this white chunky goo. That's reserved for high, quality muffins only. Southerners know what's up.

Celebrate Popcorn String Day

Dec 13

Most people enjoy popcorn, but it does come with its faults. Sometimes we eat it alone in the dark all sad. Other times we spill it all over ourselves at the movie theater. If only there was a way to contain this beast. Eureka!

Celebrate Cocoa Day

Dec 12

We've done a lot to celebrate chocolate. So many days are dedicated to variations on chocolate, or desserts that have chocolate. It's time we shouted out the mom, aka Theobroma cacao, aka the cocoa bean. It's pretty cool.

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