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Discover What Makes Full Belly Laughs Unique

What is Full Belly Laughs?

This is a comedy website centered around food, drinks, entertaining, and board games. All of the content on the site will touch at least one of those topics. This is a humor site. Any one piece of content might actually have good information, but at the end of the day it's all about the jokes; therefore, don't take any of our advice as gospel. We're nerdy about food, but lack actual industry or professional experience. That doesn't mean we didn't research ahead of time, or bring a valuable user opinion to the table. In general though we are more qualified at being funny then how to roast a chicken.

We Love Food and Board Games

Our love for games is as deep as food. A great evening to us is a pot luck hang out with friends where we can play Scattegories or Charades. Lots of the content on this site will reference game nights. Contrary to our recipes, our advice on how to improve game night is pretty legit. We have several resources on how to improve upon existing board games to make them more fun. For demonstrations on these alternative game rules, check out the weekly podcast to hear them in action.

Many Ways to Enjoy FBL

We create content in a variety of mediums. Like a good party host, we try to make sure every guest is accommodated. Below are the four main areas of content on the site.

Weekly Podcast

Every Tuesday a new episode of our podcast releases. Enjoy comedians chatting about food and drinks, as well as playing party games.

Food Holidays

Every day there is a new food holiday, and we are here to celebrate it. Through mini podcast episodes, videos, blogs, and so much more.

Comedy Articles

Several comedians lend their talents to make FBL a great home for humor content. Read all about their adventures in the world of food and drink.

Funny Infographics

We release humor infographics in conjunction with the daily food holidays. These shareable images will keep you and your friends smiling.

No Politics

Full Belly Laughs strives to be a distraction from the cesspool of political opinions on social media. If you enjoy hanging out with friends, playing games, and enjoying good food/drinks, then come on over. Check your political agenda at the door though, because that kind of talk isn't welcome at our house party. We don't want people to feel excluded or uncomfortable, and we believe the best way to bring people together is through food and laughter. There are plenty of places to meet like-minded humans with the same political views. Full Belly Laughs is not and will not be that space.

Was FBL Ever Political?

There is some legacy content on the site from the early days of the podcast that touches politics. We keep that around just as a reminder of our humble beginnings. It's not the norm, and is not inline with our identity. Don't expect FBL to start that type of content up again.

Education Should be Fun

The people that make Full Belly Laughs happen care a lot about professional development. Every comedian starts out as someone with a day job grinding their passion at night. This lifestyle has a lot of parallels to night school. Full Belly Laughs takes this rhythm one step further. The FBL community is all about personal growth. We prefer entertaining educational YouTubers to reality TV. We like quirky internet cooking shows to polished Food Network programs bloated with commercials.

We Try to Educate with Humor

Our content is humor first, education second. We don't claim to do in depth research or expect anyone to view FBL as an educational outlet. We do care though about bringing people together through food and laughter. And through shared experiences and conversations the group is bound to learn things. Hearing someone share their personal experience always provides an education opportunity. It may not be a traditional classroom or textbook, but we value these opportunities like a student going back to class at night. And just like the educational channels we champion, we strive to create things that are funny and possibly informative.

People Probably Call Us Hipsters

We don't identify as hipsters, because we're not a huge fan of labels - which is the most hipster thing ever to say. In all seriousness though, we pride ourselves on going against tradition. It comes pretty natural to the comedian to buck against the system, but the whole Full Belly Laughs nation doesn't fit within all the lines.

What Full Belly Laughs Fans Have in Common

This community is about forging your own path and not just doing something because that's what people do. And that will be different per person in the Full Belly Laughs Community.

  • Maybe you don't follow sports
  • Maybe you don't watch TV
  • Maybe you don't even vote (the normies are gasping right now)

There are countless expectations that a regular participant in society does. But each member of the FBL community beats to a different drum on some of those issues. Welcome. We are your people.

Money For What Matters

We don't buck against the system because we love anarchy. Our value system is just different from the regular 9-5 corporate drone. Fans of Full Belly Laughs don't go on cruises because they sound wack. We'd rather spend that money on eating out at independent restaurants in the city than buy access to a buffet. Since most of us are scrappy to make our hobbies and passions possible outside of work, we pay attention to our money.

Supporting Those in Need

The Full Belly Laughs Family is not penny-pinchers looking to snake people at a group dinner. We are the type of people that are happy to split the check even if we ordered less. Paying for a friend's drink is a fine tax for the enjoyable evening. We also care about groups and organizations that make life easier for others. That's why every Giving Tuesday FBL joins its fans in donating to causes that matter to us.

No Ads Ever

We don't like commercials, so we don't make you sit through them either. You will never hear an ad on our podcasts. You will never have to click through a light box pop-up while reading our web content. If Full Belly Laughs does take on a sponsor, it will be assisting that sponsor with content. For example Full Belly Laughs could partner with a grocery delivery company to make a funny cooking show. But you will never hear our podcast hosts or guests tell you which mattress delivery company should get your business.

How is Full Belly Laughs Funded?

All of our content is financed out-of-pocket by founder Brian Durkin. Full Belly Laughs is his passion project, and one day Brian would love for it to be his full-time job (and even employ other people). That will only be possible through donations from our truest fans. Full Belly Laughs believes in transparency, so we've published our current costs and donations on our Balance Sheet page. If you would like to contribute to the sustainability of FBL, please visit our donations page for more information.

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