Food Holidays

There's a new food holiday every day, and we have something to say about each of them.

Celebrate Cranberry Day

Nov 21

We all know and love cranberries so much. We definitely know them intimately, and could spot them a mile a way. Please don't ask us to do that, because pointing at something in public is rude. But believe we can do it, on God.

Celebrate Peanut Butter Fudge Day

Nov 20

Peanut Butter is the best butter. Squeeze that nut, and you're good to go. Now is there a way to make it better? Yes. You put that PogChamp butter into fudge. That's "good game" to your enemies, and you'll be ascending to greatness.

Celebrate Macchiato Day

Nov 19

You think coffee is cool, well wait until you dive into the espresso game. That's where people just admit they want a concentrated hit. Not everyone can take espresso straight up, so they have to add some human milk to make it tasty.

Celebrate Apple Cider Day

Nov 18

No one is hating on apple juice; it's a great product. But sometimes you want to slurp down something with a bit more character. A drink that has a back story. That, my friends, is apple cider. Actual violence is required to make it.

Celebrate Homemade Bread Day

Nov 17

You can buy bread in the store, but that is so pedestrian. Get old timey with it and make the bread at home. Sure it takes a ton of time and effort, and it's not worth it considering the low cost of store bread, but ya know ... do it.

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