Food Holidays

Celebrate Ice Cream Sundae Day

Jul 20, 2020

Ice cream is good, but we can do better. Alright, ice cream is great. But we strive for excellence here in the FuBeLa Nationa, so we're going to add a bunch of stuff to our ice cream and make it better. Join us in this noble pursuit.

Celebrate Daiquiri Day

Jul 19, 2020

Some cocktails make you all types of loopy in the noodle. Other cocktails taste way too harsh. The daiquiri is just right. The perfect mix of tart and sweet and booze and goodness. It's also got that great bite, just like life.

Celebrate Caviar Day

Jul 18, 2020

Get caviar or die trying. That's what people used to say before 50 Cent ruined the phrase with his brilliant update: get rich or die trying. At the end of the day it's better to be rich than just have caviar, but both is preferred.

Celebrate Peach Ice Cream

Jul 17, 2020

Another day, another reason to eat ice cream. "But Franc, didn't we just celebrate ice cream yesterday?" You would be correct, but the food holiday creator calls for seconds, and we must obey. Peach is at least a weird flavor.

Celebrate Ice Cream Day

Jul 16, 2020

There are some myths out here about ice cream, and we aim to take them down. No longer will you need to enjoy ice cream under false pretenses. We'll make sure it's post-tenses all the way. LOL. Nah. Too corny to be true.

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