Food Holidays

Celebrate Pumpkin Day

Oct 26, 2020

The spookiest vegetable finally has its day in the sun. We are all about pumpkins today. Forget the pies. We don't care about the cheesecakes. Just the vegetable. The big fat beast that white couples go picking on a date.

Celebrate Greasy Foods Day

Oct 25, 2020

Everyone loves a nice greaseball of a meal. It's just too greedy tasting. No one can save no to a delicious slop troth style burger. Especially if it comes with fries that break down a paper bag with heavy grease.

Celebrate Bologna Day

Oct 24, 2020

It's a super weird meat, with curious origins similar to the hot dog. Many kids eat it, but few look forward to it. The opposite is true with the Bologna region of Italy. Many look forward to it, and no one has eaten the region up.

Celebrate Boston Cream Pie Day

Oct 23, 2020

Today is an important moment for Bostonians. It's the day that they pork the way White Jesus intended: to make more Christians. It's Boston Cream Pie Day, and it's time to procreate (or just enjoy a cake, that's fine too).

Celebrate Nut Day

Oct 22, 2020

There are so many types of nuts to celebrate: almonds, walnuts, crazy people, cashews, orgasms, etc. etc. The list is seemingly endless. You would go for the triple crown of nut celebrations, but that might be too much to handle.

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