Food Holidays

There's a new food holiday every day, and we have something to say about each of them.

Celebrate Vinegar Day

Dec 31

It's a great liquid. Vinegar helps with cleaning and makes things taste good. That sounds very similar to yesterday's holiday, but that's besides the point. Today is the last food holiday of the year. An end of an era.

Celebrate Baking Soda Day

Dec 30

People think there is another white powder that dominates the party scene, but baking soda takes the cake. Making pastries plus cleaning up your kitchen, baking soda truly does it all. Sometimes we forget you can eat it. PogChamp.

Celebrate "Get on the Scales" Day

Dec 29

You would think at this time of the year people would be in a celebratory mood. They just enjoyed some time with family and opened some presents. Now it's time to party at the turning of the year. And what does the FHC want to do?

Celebrate Box of Chocolates Day

Dec 28

Don't even start with that Forest Gump bull hickey. We know the quote. You don't have to say it. If you love the movie, then have at it. Watch it and Pog out about all the historical references. Whoa! This is so cool.

Celebrate Fruitcake Day

Dec 27

Don't tell Pee Wee Herman, but some people actually like this food. As someone who's watched his holiday special countless times, I can't bring myself to eat it. But a couple days after Christmas does feel like the right time to try.

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