National Popcorn String Day

Dec 13, 2020

Garland, but for your mouth.

Deck The Halls With Snacks

Tis the season to start adding weird decorations to your home. It's a good thing you bought or rent a place bigger than you need. That way you can use that extra bedroom to store seasonal trinkets. It's also dope that people don't really come to visit you any more as the years go by, so less people can see it. But let's face it, you don't want them here, because you made the pro move: you upgraded you holiday decorations to popcorn strings. Now all of your trinkets are edible, and you can snack whenever. You don't want house guests grubbing on your fine holiday cheer.

Keep Popcorn in Line

It's no secret that popcorn can get a bit rowdy. It's literally poppin' off when this snack enters existence. You expect a bowl to tame this beast? Ha. Good luck. And anyone that has tried to eat popcorn watching a movie can attest to popcorn's true nature. It might cooperate, it might not. Depends on the mood of the popcorn. Do you really want to take that risk? That's why humans turned to popcorn strings. Curbing your popcorn keeps it in line, and it's honestly the best play for the community. Most neighborhoods wouldn't even let you walk down the block unless your popcorn is on a leash.

Happy National Popcorn String Day Video

In this video, we are celebrating Popcorn String Day. This comedy video will be short, sweet, and most of all silly. It will celebrate all things Popcorn String in a totally humorous way. Enjoy!

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