Food Holidays

There's a new food holiday every day, and we have something to say about each of them.

Celebrate Fried Pie Day

Dec 01

Everyone enjoys a nice slice of pie, but it has some serious drawbacks. Spillage is a real factor. Besides, no one is always in the mood for something clean and healthy. That's why it's the pro play to fry your pies.

Celebrate Mousse Day

Nov 30

Dessert is best when it's filled with tasty bubbles. Air is good. Heck it's pretty great, since it helps people live with the whole breathing thing. That's why mousse is so magical; get the air in there so it can make it's way in you.

Celebrate Chocolates Day

Nov 29

Everyone likes chocolate. Now we celebrate the idea of chocolate in a bite-size form that people eat. Whooo hoooo. Real talk: the Food Holiday Creator must have been out of brain juice this day, because it's not very inspired.

Celebrate French Toast Day

Nov 28

You want to start you day off right, so why not start with some love? Normal breakfast foods are in loveless marriages, with no passion between them. That's why you need to bring the exotic French toast to the table. They'll suck face.

Celebrate Bavarian Cream Pie Day

Nov 27

You want the richest and creamiest cream pie imaginable. Because let's face it, when you sign up for cream pie you might as well go full throttle (Charlie's Angels style). Bavarian brings the serious deliciousness, so hop on it.

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