Food Holidays

Celebrate Mushroom Day

Oct 15, 2020

They are one of the best vegetables. Sure haters exist, but for the most part mushrooms enjoy a decent amount of fans. But do those fans really understand the life story of a mushroom? Do they know its origin?

Celebrate Dessert Day

Oct 14, 2020

Forget apps. The main course is overrated. It's about dessert, baby. We want that sugar forward meal, and we want it now. We're talking cakes, doughnuts, chocolate etc. Fruit is allowed to be involved, but don't dare serve only fruit.

Celebrate Peanut Festival Day

Oct 13, 2020

This is when we honor the Peanut Festival. It's not when the event actually happens. We are just observing the concept of the event, how it's awesome, and celebrating it as an idea. Any excuse to get after that nut really.

Celebrate Pumpkin Pie Day

Oct 12, 2020

It's the reason for the season: scary kids trying to get free candy, and butchering pumpkins. We draw funny faces on there before the torture begins. It's a real hoot. Then a pie is made. Not sure how that works.

Celebrate Sausage Pizza Day

Oct 11, 2020

Order yourself a nice pizza. Get more than just cheese, and don't be basic with pepperoni. Sausage. Yes. That's a good topping. But be sure to add some other stuff like mushrooms or green peppers to that joint. Or else.

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