Food Holidays

There's a new food holiday every day, and we have something to say about each of them.

Celebrate French Fried Shrimp Day

Dec 21

Can you define "French fried shrimp"? What makes it so French? We found the answers ... in our brain. That's because research wasn't required. If you google the question "define French fried shrimp" you will get no solutions.

Celebrate Sangria Day

Dec 20

There are some European nations (we don't want to name names) that won't let other countries use the word "Sangria". Pretty stingy. Drinks are best with friends, and so not share the love of the name too? It's just plain rude.

Celebrate Hard Candy Day

Dec 19

This feels like an occasion to celebrate the geezers in our lives, but that's a short-sided view of Hard Candy Day. We all like to suck and lick sugar. Heck there's a lot of things worthy of our tongue doing things to it.

Celebrate I Love Honey Day

Dec 18

You enjoy honey, right? Who doesn't? Even some vegans cheat and have a nimble or two of the tasty nectar. Pretty wild how this stuff comes from bugs. Isn't it like their butt wax or something? Wish our butt wax was scrumptious.

Celebrate Maple Syrup Day

Dec 17

Pretty much every human on the planet Earth has consumed maple syrup. We have a nice tradition in America were you force our young to become dependent on sugar. This is accomplished with pancakes accompanied by maple syrup.

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