Food Holidays

Celebrate Toasted Marshmallow Day

Aug 30, 2020

Similar to cheese, marshmallows somehow get better have dancing with some heat. A staple of fire pit snacks, marshmallows also provide a great learning experience. Kids always want to toast their own, and it teaches them about fire.

Celebrate Chop Suey Day

Aug 29, 2020

Wake up. Put on a little make up. And eat some amazing Chinese food. You're welcome to listen to System of the Down at the same time. Not really a requirement. Pairs well for the meme only. Chop Suey alone is good eats.

Celebrate Cherry Turnovers Day

Aug 28, 2020

They are great in all shapes and sizes. But the bigger the better. That's how America rolls, and that's how cherry turnovers get stuff done. When they grow in size, they can take on countless challenges. Your life will be better.

Celebrate Burger Day

Aug 27, 2020

Americans lover their burgers so much. They eat them for a minimum of half their dinners a week. That's so much ground flesh. And meat piles take years off your life, but Americans don't care. The burger is just too tasty.

Celebrate Cherry Popsicle Day

Aug 26, 2020

When did you start sucking? For many of us, the sucking journey began with our first cherry popsicle. The act of slurping down this sweet treat taught us many things. Prepared us for many other sucking opportunities.

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