Food Holidays

Celebrate Greek Yogurt Day

Nov 9, 2020

There are people that workout, trying to shed those pounds. The secret lies without Greek yogurt. They just need to harness the raw power of straining their body to depletion. Only then can they get that sick frame.

Celebrate Cappuccino Day

Nov 8, 2020

You ready to have someone murdered? Hell yeah. Then you are ready for one of the most powerful drinks on the planet: cappuccino. You must be wearing a suit when you sip it. Sitting outside in a Euro cafe is also key.

Celebrate Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Nov 7, 2020

There will be times that you need to update your machine. Sometimes you don't want to restart your computer, but too bad; your computer is going to restart you. In times like these the perfect remedy is chocolate with almonds.

Celebrate Nachos Day

Nov 6, 2020

Tortilla chips are incredible. The crunch. The corn. It's one of the greatest snacks of all time. Turns out, if you put a bunch of ingredients on top of tortilla chips you get something even better. Nachos. They rule the realm.

Celebrate Doughnut Day

Nov 5, 2020

Who cares that the nearest birthday is weeks from now. You're alive and breathing, so you deserve a doughnut. You need sugar, so why not go with the classic breakfast item. It's sweet, glazed, creamed, and so much more.

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