Food Holidays

Celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Aug 4, 2020

Four C's in a row, so you know nothing can stop us. Also it's about chocolate chip cookies, so how could you go wrong? Spoiler: you can't. It's the GOAT cookie, and nothing can take that away. Enjoy a bite and live your life.

Celebrate Watermelon Day

Aug 3, 2020

There are so many ways to enjoy this messy fruit. You can go full little kid and make sure more gets on you than what makes it into your mouth. You can also have a butler cut it up for you. The options are limitless.

Celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Aug 2, 2020

You should celebrate today with an ice cream sandwich. We say that because that's the holiday, sooo ... Anyway, good luck finding one. You know where your local ice cream truck went? The supermarket might have some, if you're lucky.

Celebrate Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Aug 1, 2020

Another day, another reason to eat raspberries in a dessert. At least according to the food holiday calendar. You can do what you want. We believe you're an independent person capable of making your own decisions without us.

Celebrate Raspberry Cake Day

Jul 31, 2020

It's a huddle of berries stuck together. What's better than that? Making it a cake! But buyer beware. There are charlatans among us who will try and slip you a different kind of cake. Make sure you get the real.

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