Food Holidays

There's a new food holiday every day, and we have something to say about each of them.

Celebrate Candy Cane Day

Dec 26

It's a classic holiday time treat, but it's also one of the most deadly sugar items on the planet. With the right tongue work and sucking, you can craft a candy cane into a legitimate shank. Hope you've been nice, otherwise monkaS.

Celebrate "Kiss the Cook" Day

Dec 25

It's very easy to celebrate this holiday. You find a cook, and then you kiss them. POGGERS. There is one catch: you need permission to land a smooch on that chef. You also need access to a cook. Plus it's Christmas. Okay it's hard.

Celebrate Egg Nog Day

Dec 24

It's the adult beverage of December. People with no regard for their body love to chug this alcoholic, dairy-based concoction. Cow byproducts and booze aren't known for their harmony, but people still make it happen.

Celebrate Bake Day

Dec 23

Baked is over rated. You want to actually bake, because the act of baking provides so much joy. Bread, cookies, and other dope treats made on The Great British Bakeoff. For gosh darn tooting sake, "bake" is in the title of the show.

Celebrate Date Nut Bread Day

Dec 22

It's been too long since we have a catchy mantra to live by. Thanks to a baked good classic, we've now discovered this new way of life. Date Nut Bread is delicious, and also a code for happiness. Discover what we're talking about.

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