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Best Flavors of Gatorade

Jan 21, 2020

Gatorade does a lot of amazing things. It's provides us with nutrients that we need. It also gives us a calming, peaceful feeling. It's like an eight ball of cocaine and heroin, but not illegal. On this episode we celebrate this drink.

Why We Eat Spicy Food

Jan 14, 2020

Spicy food has its place in the world. It may not be self-evident, but when you think about it, sometimes you need to eat something that hurt. Comedian Brian Durkin explains why anyone, and everyone, needs that sensation.

Sprite vs 7 Up vs Sierra Mist

Jan 7, 2020

Clear sodas have a lot to offer: great for mixed drinks, citrus flavors, and plenty of sugar to kill you. We discuss the pros and cons of the most famous clear sodas, plus discuss a bunch of other fun topics.

New Year's Eve Food

Dec 31, 2019

NYE is one of the most celebrated parties on the calendar, but you still need to eat something. Unless the goal is to black out and not remember the changing of the years. Assuming that's not the plan, here's our advice on what to eat.

Holiday Sweet Treats

Dec 24, 2019

From candy canes to cinnamon rolls, this episode has it all! Brian chats about all the classic and heartwarming sweet treats we eat around the holidays. It's not about the sugar, it's about the good times around the sugar.

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