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FBL Podcast: Chicken So Hot You'll Take Off All Your Clothes

Dec 15

Comedian Brian Durkin browses the website for Dave's Hot Chicken. Learn about their story and the awesome Nashville hot chicken they serve daily. The pictures make the food look incredible, and you should visit just for the food porn.

FBL Podcast: Press Donuts to Learn More

Dec 08

Winchell's Donut House is an icon. With over 170 units across the Western United States, many Americans chomp down on their delicious offerings. Comedian Brian Durkin takes a gander at their website, to learn more. Comedy ensues.

FBL Podcast: Watch These 12 Streamers

Dec 01

For Giving Tuesday 2020, comedian Brian Durkin focuses on Twitch streamers he really enjoys. Check out this list of small and large streamers, and hopefully you'll find your next favorite content creator. Donate if you can.

FBL Podcast: CPK Menu Make My Toes Tremble and Blush

Nov 24

Comedian Brian Durkin takes a gander at the California Pizza Kitchen menu. We figured there is no one better to review something he's never experienced or tried. There are a lot of gems on the menu full with laughter and insights.

FBL Podcast: P Bread Vs TriHard Bakery

Nov 17

Mix and Match. You Pick Two. Psyche, you can only pick one: Panera Bread or Corner Bakery. Decide wisely, because your fate for fast casual cafe or deli style lunch experiences depends on this very decision. Find out what we choose.

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