Transformers: More Than Meets The Year

Episode 261 | Dec 29, 2020

A 2020 recap.

A Look Back At 2020

2020 was a wicked, wild year. It will go down in history as one of the craziest years ever. But was 2020 just nothing but negative Nancies nonstop? Nope, there were plenty of Karens in the mix too. Real talk: there were good things that happened in 2020, and good things that will come out of this year for you. Host Brian Durkin recaps 2020 and discusses how you can invest in yourself to prepare of the sequel (2021).

What A Year!

No doubt that 2020 will be analyzed by historians for centuries to come. It's a pretty epic time to be alive. For many of us, things got worse this year. At a minimum we lost the ability to do something simple like go to the movies. For others, we lost jobs or family members to COVID. But was 2020 really all bad? No. There is plenty of good to think about when looking at 2020. It was a year of transformation, and many people took the opportunities presented in this year to better themselves. Did you? If not, it's never too late. Start that project you wanted to start. Learn that craft you're itching to learn. Now is the time to pivot, change, and grow.

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