Powerful Streamers Silenced a Sexual Assault Victim

Episode 3 | Sep 26, 2022

Streamers Protect Their Sexual Predator Friend By Intimidating Victim

Crazy Slick Committed Sexual Assault, Then Maya Higa and Mizkif Cover It Up

This episode deals with a heavy topic. There's no avoiding that. Considering the amount of bad takes and misinformation going around, it's important to spread the word on what happened. Whether you love these content creators or not, some of the facts alone are down right disturbing. On this episode, you will learn those concrete details of the situation, and with Brian's comedic stylings understand the absurdity of the situation.

Massive Week of News on Twitch

On the live stream broadcast of this show, I actually covered a ton of stuff related to Twitch this week. The Crazy Slick story made it in, and I did manage to squeeze in my commentary about Slikker (yes they are different people). Unfortunately, for time purposes, I needed to cut all the content related to Twitch's press releases. In the same week, Twitch announced a ban on crypto gambling as well as a cutting pay for top performers on the site. At the end of the day, the episode is already long, so I couldn't keep every story. I think it was more important to spend plenty of time covering Crazy Slick, Maya Higa, and Mizkif. It's the more sensitive matter, and demands more coverage. It's important to me to document the things that we know; the things that die hard fans want to sweep under the rug. For that reason, I went over the usual 9 minute mark for these episodes, that way there would be plenty of time to set everything up.

I was a fan of these streamers until the story broke, and I started to learn the truth about them. I'll continue to monitor any developments. If you want to ask me more about the matter, or any Twitch news, then tune into the stream.

FuBeLa Comedy Podcast Episode 003

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