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FBL Podcast EP 242: Favorite Breakfast Foods

Aug 18

We all love breakfast, but what are you ordering? Eggs, okay, but what kind of eggs? How many meats are you getting and what kind? Coffee or tea? Waffles or pancakes? There are so many choices, and we asked the people for their faves.

FBL Podcast EP 241: Best Ways to Get Caffeine

Aug 11

There are so many forms to enjoy caffeine: coffee, tea, diet soda, suppositories. The list goes on and on, but why choose anything else besides those four items? The listeners of the podcast tell us why on this special episode.

FBL Podcast EP 240: Favorite Cakes

Aug 04

There are so many amazing cakes: chocolate cake, cheesecake, booties, etc. etc. The list goes on, and you know it. Our task on this episode is to discover which ones people prefer. It's not about ranking; it's about listening.

FBL Podcast EP 239: Favorite Cocktails

Jul 28

Bloody Mary, martini, gin & tonic, old fashioned, and so many more cocktails receive a mention in this discussion about mixed drinks. Everyone has a favorite, and you might enjoy your favorite on this silly episode about cocktails.

Listener, Please Reach Out

Jul 21

We want to hear from you. This podcast medium doesn't really allow for a good feedback loop, so please hit us up. We want to know what you think. It doesn't matter when this message reaches you, please just message us.

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