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FBL Podcast: Favorite Salads

Nov 10

Which salad do you enjoy tossing around in your mouth? Which leaf is your tongue trying to tango with? We asked the people, and they fired back with their favorite salads. Comedian Brian Durkin responded and adds his thoughts.

FBL Podcast: Juice Is Clingy AF

Nov 03

You never see juice by itself. Nobody is cracking open a Tropicana just to have juice. Usually some eggs just finished cooking, and you've been snacking on bacon. We talk about that as well as many other juice related topics.

FBL Podcast: Pizza vs Sandwiches

Oct 27

Two of the greatest food groups of all time now battle it out on a comedy show for taste supremacy. Host Brian Durkin leads the listener through a thoughtful but silly debate between pizza and sandwiches. Find out what people choose.

FBL Podcast: Can A Potato Chip Transition Into A French Fry?

Oct 20

We chat about the best potato chips on this episode, and stumble upon a pretty important question: can a potato chip transition into a French fry? Find out how they could, and learn about our top picks for potato chips.

FBL Podcast: Favorite Sodas

Oct 13

Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, and so many more sodas. Which one do you choose and why? That's what we asked the people, and they did not disappoint with their responses. Find out the top tier sodas according to the people.

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