Full Belly Laughs Podcast

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FBL Podcast EP 2: Sweet Potato & Kale over Tri-Colored Quinoa

Feb 16

full belly laughs podcast episode 2 sweet potato kale qunioaMekki Leeper, Sarah Bell, and Bryan Yanez enjoy bowls of sweet potato and kale over a bed of tri-colored quinoa. The meal turns meta as they discuss the podcast itself. Take a listen to the second episode ever.

FBL Podcast EP 1: Spicy Turkey Chili

Feb 09

full belly laughs podcast episode 1 spicy turkey chiliKeane Cobb, Alyssa Al-Dookhi, and Jon Delcollo enjoy hearty helpings of spicy turkey chili. During the meal they chat about food, and stick around to play some trivia games. This is the first episode of the podcast!

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