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FBL Podcast EP 237: Favorite Pies

Jul 14

Keep your eyes on the prizes and go after the pies. LOL. We're rappers now. Actually we are more like spoken word artists that don't have any rhythm or poise. The reason is that we podcast instead of rap. But this ep is about pies.

FBL Podcast EP 236: Our Favorite Cereals

Jul 07

It's not about what's best, it's about the faves. Everyone lives their own life, unless they possess someone else (but that's unlikely). Object "best of" lists are not what we're after. We want to know everyone's favorite cereals.

FBL Podcast EP 235: Super Fight Game Night

Jun 30

Sometimes you're full and you don't need any more food. And when that's the case, it's time to game the night away. On this episode we make our party games the focus, playing several rounds of Super Fight. And we squeeze in more games.

FBL Podcast EP 234: Wendy's Vs McDonald's

Jun 23

Two of the biggest fast food chains battle it out in the FuBeLa opinion dome. Fans write in about their favorite, and why their pick has a special place in their hearts. Comedian Brian Durkin curates the answers.

FBL Podcast EP 233: Best Pasta Shapes

Jun 16

Fusilli, bucatini, shells, and more all compete to be the best pasta shapes. But only one noodle type can be the supreme gluten source. Which one will it be and why? Fans help us determine a winner with their votes.

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