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FBL Podcast: How To Order 69,420 Calories

Feb 09

Ruby's Diner provides customers with some really important stats: the calorie counts for each of their menu items. Brian Durkin accepted the challenge, and made a menu for anyone to consume 69,420 calories.

FBL Podcast: Cold Stone Creamery Loves URLS

Feb 02

Cold Stone Creamery says their known for their fresh flavors. The average person on the street probably knows them for their signing and dancing. But the average web user or Google spider bot knows Cold Stone Creamery for their URLs.

FBL Podcast: DIY Pizza Is Somehow More Expensive

Jan 26

Blaze Pizza offers a fantastic DIY pizza kit, but is it a great deal? Well it depends on what you value. Do you like to earn good things? Use your muscles and mind. Make things from scratch (with help). Find out what we think.

FBL Podcast: Tocaya Organica is PogChamp

Jan 19

If you haven't been to Los Angeles (or Arizona) to taste the sweet flavors from Tocaya Organica, then you really haven't lived. This place is serving up some amazing Mexican food. Spoiler: it does cost more than Taco Bell.

FBL Podcast: Donuts That Will Do Your Laundry

Jan 12

Curious about finding the greatest doughnuts of all time? Look no further. Host Brian Durkin may have discovered the tastiest treats with an empty center. They're so good, housewives believe these doughnuts might even do their laundry.

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