Food Holidays

Celebrate Gluten-Free Day

Jan 13, 2020

This substance has been plaguing human beings for centuries. This gang of protein shakes you down harder than a kale smoothie. You need a break from these racketeers, and that's what today is all about. Get Gluten out of our America!

Celebrate Glazed Doughnut Day

Jan 12, 2020

This sweet treat is something that will literally make you go mad. If you eat it, you will be hit with a sugar high. Once you come down from that high, everything appears to be a glazed doughnut. That's because you need that fix.

Celebrate Milk Day

Jan 11, 2020

Milk is the juice you squeeze out of a cow. That creature uses it for their babies or something, but humans decided to hijack it. At the end of the day a human in need of calcium is essentially a baby calf. Learn more with this video.

Celebrate Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Jan 10, 2020

Breaking up is hard, but sometimes it's meant to be. Like you thought the two of you would get married, but then you discovered your partners cheated on you with a child. Time to drop them and pick up some bittersweet chocolate.

Celebrate Apricot Day

Jan 9, 2020

This is one of the best fruits of all time. It's pretty great. The only fruits that are better are strawberries, bananas, apples, blueberries, mangos, avocados - of course! - and blackberries. Yep, apricots are totally the best fruit.

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