National Pastry Day

Dec 9, 2020

They're literally the best.

Pastries Bring People Together

There is a lot of hate in the world. People are torn, divided against each other. Does the issue even matter anymore? One trending topic just takes over another, and another, and another, and the fighting never stops. But there is one thing that makes everyone go widePeepoHappy: pastries. You can't not like pastries. Croissants, pie crusts, those things that cover nipples ... oh wait those are pasties. Well they're pretty good too, but either way pastries are dope. We need to celebrate them, also it's been a few minutes since we had sugar. That means we need to eat some pastries in order to breathe.

Videos About The Life Of A Panda

When trying to think about what to write for this paragraph, I said "videos about the life of a panda" out loud. Do you know if these exist? Please link them to the Full Belly Laughs Twitter page. I won't watch it, but it will make me smile. Well, maybe I'll watch it. Depends on what's going on. You hit me at the right time with the link, I'm popping a bag of popcorn and getting comfy. You tweet me at the wrong time, and it ends up like most tweets: just chilling in the ether. But for real, send the FBL twitter account some pics or vids of pandas. It will be a nice way to know you actually read this mega random paragraph.

Happy National Pastry Day Video

In this video, we are celebrating Pastry Day. This comedy video will be short, sweet, and most of all silly. It will celebrate all things Pastry in a totally humorous way. Enjoy!

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Infographics Coming Soon

Infographics can be very informative, and also hilarious. We plan to release new ones every day for a year, but just not yet. Learn why and how you can make sure to get them when they come out.

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