Juice is so Codependent

Episode 253 | Nov 3, 2020

Like it really never does its own thing.

Our Favorite Juices

No one drinks juice on the regular just because. If they do, then that's sus. Most people drink a juice because it makes sense with a meal. OJ at brunch. Prune juice and your funeral. Etc. Etc. Comedian Brian Durkin discusses this phenomenon, as well as gives some thoughts about many popular juices. Fans write in about their favorite juices too. Brian also highlights a logical fallacy and plays a round of Funemployed.

Juice Is There To Help Us Express Our Deepest Desires

Juice really lets a person become free, to express their full person. It has this power if you are also on drugs, or had a sick high roll out the womb with great mental health. For most of us, juice does not provide these benefits. Instead it's a drink with consume at the right time in the right place.

From our poll, people seemed to like a variety of cool juices. It was spread across pretty even, and there was no clear winner. Honestly the winner was the human race, because it would be a sad existence if we never figured out how to juice.

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