How To Order 69,420 Calories

Episode 267 | Feb 9, 2021

The recommended calories for the rest of your life.

Ordering From Ruby's Diner Based On Calories

Host Brian Durkin offers listeners several paths to victory on this episode. First off he creates some "balanced" menus for people trying to count their calories. For the ballers out there, he's got you covered. Brian tries to reach the holiest of numbers known to man: 69,420 calories. Can he do it?

How To Order Calories at Ruby's Diner

First and foremost you will need a big appetite, money in the bank, and plenty of time to eat. Also having a Ruby's Diner near you is helpful. The magic number of 69,420 calories in one order comes from a special combination of 73 menu items. You'll need to average about 3 of each breakfast, and double of most sandwiches and entrees. Just one of each of the salads, since they don't really add much besides more chewing. If you have someone cut up the salads with scissors to do some pre-chewing for you, then it might be worth; however, deviating from this list could mess up the math.

Food ItemCalorie CountNumber of ItemCalories
Seafood Combo156823136
Shrimp and Chips154300
Chicken Tenders Dinner120511361
Fish and Chips13611855
Classic Ruby Burger with Cheese8551855
Guacamole Burger91121822
Mushroom Swiss Burger94021880
Super Burger99921998
The Hickory Burger124222484
Bacon Cheeseburger92321846
The Cobb Burger115222304
Impossible Burger87821756
Crispy Green Beans131045240
Fries Basket52042080
Chicken Tenders133445336
Chicken Caesar Salad6601660
Cobb Salad5401540
Simple Salad1001100
Fresh Roast Turkey Breast82821656
Deluxe B-L-T-A103822076
Albacore Melt72421448
Ruby's Buttermilk Hot Cakes Combo72032160
Ruby's French Toast Combo93032790
Ruby's Original Malted Walffe Combo86032580
ABC Omelette132033960
Two Egg Breakfast with Bacon50731521
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs102533075
Garden Scramble92443696

Counting Calories On YouTube

Enjoy a condensed version of the hunt for specific calories at Ruby's Diner. The YouTube cut of this episode fast forwards through most of the balanced menus, and focuses on the search for 69,420 calories. Please give it a like and comment if you enjoy the YouTube video.

Episode 267: How To Order 69,420 Calories

This video includes the raw footage from a live stream on Twitch. Enjoy Brian going through the process of discovering how to order 69,420 from one order at Ruby's Diner.

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