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The Great Philadelphia Jukebox Crawl by Anthony Vito Fraccalvieri

Feb 19

This Philadelphia Jukebox bar list will have you enjoying many nooks and crannies of Philly, all while listening to some sweet tunes.

Beer Hacks For The Unemployeed by Brian Guay

Feb 18

This list of Philly craft beer hacks is for those on a tight budget. Just because you're poor doesn't mean they can't pour you a craft brew.

The Wawa Ghost Chapter 2 by Rick Helpa

Feb 16

Find out why WaWa doesn't let you make a milkshake at every location, explained by a guy trapped at a WaWa in another dimension.

Cooking For Cucks by Ben Farrell

Feb 15

This list of tips will help every cuckold cater to the needs of his wife and her extra-marital lover. Never again will you disappoint the team.

Why Valentine's Day Stinks by Jack Presby

Feb 14

A bold man comes forward to say what every single dude is thinking, "I hate Valentine's Day." Find out why he hates it so much.

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