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When Qdoba Literally Caught On Fire by Jimmy Wyatt

Mar 02

Learn that the staff and patrons don't care about a kitchen fire. When the alarm sounds, just scream, "White rice, please!"

Class Up Board Games With These Rules by Dan Faro

Mar 01

This list of board game house rules will turn ordinary board games into fun adventures of royal stature. No more shall you play Monopoly like a peasant.

Conflict of Pinterest Chapter 1 by Steve Norris

Feb 27

Our correspondent scrolls through Pinterest in hopes of finding a recipe he can handle. This time he landed on a delicious pork chops recipe.

Feb 24

When BK Is Your Best Friend by Patric Ciervo

Feb 23

This story will explain why Burger King has the greatest chicken sandwich of all time. The secret isn't the sauce, it's the context in which you eat it.

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