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How a Hipster Decribes Wing Bowl by Bill Reick

Feb 02

This hipster that wants to be Hunter S. Thompson guides you through the Wing Bowl XXII. It's a study of the common man, as well as how hipsters think.

Reviewing 2017 After One Month by Mike Fenn

Feb 01

Our comprehensive 2017 Year in Review lists all your favorite events from the year. Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes, hate crimes in Chicago, and more!

Using Wikihow to Make a Board Game by Ross Weisman

Jan 31

After reading a Wikihow on creating your own board game, this improviser got a suggestion from a random word generator. Here's the list of games he created.

What Tacos Say About Your Date by Taylor Plunkett-Clements

Jan 30

It's the third date and she's taking you to her favorite taco truck. This is a big deal. How many tacos you order will tell her a lot about you.

How Refugees Can Get Donors to Convert by Brian Durkin

Jan 29

In today's environment, it's not good enough for refugees in America to just spit out keywords and phrases. They need tech to understand donor intent.

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