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6 Meats I Eat Just Because I Hate the Animal by Jeff Roser

Jan 28

There is no better way to display your hatred of an animal then eating that creature. You enjoy a tasty meal plus you lower the population of that animal.

How to Make the Perfect Drunk Pizza by Thomas Crolius

Jan 27

It’s 2am, you left the bar, and you need food. With this handy guide you'll be able to make a pretty terrible pizza for yourself in no time.

Jan 26

How a Candy Bar Saved My Life by Patric Ciervo

Jan 26

Diabetes is a real beating. One of the perks is that sometimes you need to eat a candy bar to stay alive. So next time think twice about candy shaming.

Milton Bradley is My Life Coach by Alyssa Truszkowski

Jan 25

Let Milton Bradley show you the correct plays in real world decisions through The Game of Life. You'll be adulting with the best of them in no time.

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