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Cooking For Cucks by Ben Farrell

Feb 15

This list of tips will help every cuckold cater to the needs of his wife and her extra-marital lover. Never again will you disappoint the team.

Why Valentine's Day Stinks by Jack Presby

Feb 14

A bold man comes forward to say what every single dude is thinking, "I hate Valentine's Day." Find out why he hates it so much.

How to Celebrate Calentine's Day by Ashley Weyler

Feb 13

Celebrate Galentine’s Day with this list of movies and snack pairings. They will help you forget that you have no friends and you're totally alone!

How to Write Brutal Yelp Reviews by Stephanie Ele

Feb 12

This subject matter expert shares her 6 tips for writing a brutally honest review. Check out the list and start hating on restaurants today.

When IBM Watson Plays Guess Who by Christopher McGee

Feb 11

Our correspondent plays Guess Who? with IBM's Watson. During the interview he probes the machine about it's human qualities, and the truth is revealed!

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