Why Burger King? Because I Forgot to Eat at a Music Festival

Patric Ciervo | Feb 23, 2017

Why Burger King? Why would I tell you that they have the greatest chicken sandwich? In 2011, I went to the music festival “The Secret Garden Party” in Cambridge England. While there I forgot to eat. It was a mistake I didn’t realize I was making at the time. But it’s a mistake that a few days later would land me in Waterloo Station, starving, at a Burger King. Where I would have the greatest chicken sandwich I ever had.

Secret Garden Party

If you ever had a half hour conversation with me, at some point I said how much I loved studying in England. I would do anything to go back. Enter June 2011, eBay, and a bunch of beer. I found my way back to England by paying $200.00 dollars more than the asking price for a festival ticket. Despite not knowing any bands playing at the festival, besides Blondie, I had a very fun time. My fun times combined with my hatred of waiting in long lines caused me to eat very little throughout the festival. I honestly remember only eating Fish and Chips and am not even sure if I did that every day. Had I eaten like a normal human being, I wouldn’t have had the greatest meal I ever had from a fast-food restaurant.

The Greatest Chicken Sandwich in the World

In being true to messing something up, I got the date of the festival ending wrong and booked my flight home a day early. This caused me to have to leave the festival early, not by with my friends where I could just stop for food. But rather travel alone by many trains back to London, with no food. It must have been on a long trip back hoping train to train until I reached Waterloo station. Given that when I started it was the afternoon and when I got back it was darker then Steve Bannon's heart. Never the less, I made it.

Out of Everywhere to Eat, Why Burger King?

Waterloo is a big station, there are plenty of places where you choose to eat. So why Burger King? Well given that I don’t like change and I like to keep safe by clinging to the familiar, Burger was the logical choice. But, I did not know that by playing it safe I was actually in for one of the biggest changes I have ever known. As a kid I thought sandwiches were gross so I only ate chicken nuggets and fries from fast food places. Given that I am still pretty much a child that’s how I still eat fast-food. So here I was. My feeling of starvation starting to drown out by my feeling of excitement. I knew no matter what I could always count on a mediocre chicken nugget meal from Burger King.

Expect the Unexpected

I stood in line with a big smile on my face, so excited to order. That was, until I looked at the menu. This wasn’t your average Burger King, this was train station Burger King. They didn’t have my chicken nugget meal. The line moving quickly I started to panic. I have to eat something. The burgers look gross. I realized I was about to have my own Bear Gryll’s moment. Eating something totally disgusting, not for pleasure, but for survival. I sucked it up and decide my disappointing meal of choice would be a chicken sandwich. I sat back down at a bench ready to be disappointed. I pulled out the pathetic sandwich, took a bite, and something amazing happened. The sandwich wasn’t just good, it was fantastic. I was looking around for Gordon Ramsy because there was no way this sandwich came from Burger King. You know that great feeling of putting on hot clothes straight out of the dryer? Multiply that times a thousand and add flipping your pillow to the cold side. That’s the type of satisfaction I had of first biting into that sandwich. Why Burger King? Because it’s fantastic.

My Disappointment

When I got home I was so excited to have a Burger King chicken sandwich once more. I was convinced after having one in Waterloo Station. I went to the local Burger King to get one but just like AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, the sandwich let me down. I have come to learn that fast-food in generally tastes best when you haven’t eaten for a two days. Nevertheless I look back on that sandwich with fond memories. I am thankful it was there two satisfy my hunger in a time when I really needed it. Next time I find myself in a near starving situation, I’ll go to Burger King. Why Burger King? Because their mediocre sandwich tastes amazing on an empty stomach.

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