Wendy's Vs McDonald's

Episode 234 | Jun 23, 2020

Which fast food restaurant is best and why?

McDonald's Versus Wendy's

We asked the people to choose between Wendy's and McDonald's, and they came in hot with a flurry of great comments and votes. Comedian Brian Durkin curates their responses, and guides the listener through a bunch of fun and insightful segments. He covers a cognitive bias, shouts out a content creator, plays a party game with you the listener, and so much more.

Fans Vote For Wendy's

After tallying up all the votes, Wendy's won by a landslide. There were a lot of great points for McDonald's. Maybe people consider Mickey D's the OG GOAT of fast food, citing their fries and McNuggets as clear winners. It's hard to deny the awesome power of Ronald's french fries and nugget situation. The benefits tend to slip off there. Wendy's came through with better side options, higher quality food, and tastiest chicken sandwiches (according to our fans).

Who Dat? Game

This episode featured a round of our web game: Who Dat? If you listened to the episode, Brian's character was Russ. If you would like to try the game with friends an family, play for free here.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

The #FBLRecommendation this week is Luke Cuccurullo. Check out their video about Cuccurullo Conversations.

Did you enjoy our coverage of the Self-Serving Bias? Check out the site yourbias.is.

Shout out to FBL poll contributor and fan Rich from Fishtown in Philly, PA.

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