National Chocolate Chip Day

May 15, 2020

People wouldn't even eat cookies if it wasn't for chocolate chips.

Chips Are Peak Chocolate

All other forms of chocolate are disgusting. Sauce might as well be diarrhea. Chocolate Bars is like someone let their poop juice freeze on the Minnesota plains. Chips, that's what we're talking about. The shape. The texture. Chocolate wouldn't even be edible if it wasn't for these nuggets of joy. They are the perfect amount of chocolate, that way you can eat a fist full of them at once.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Owe Everything To The Chip

Cookies almost didn't make it into the human culinary experience. The OG creator of the cookie tried to sell them to people without any chocolate chips. Just a plain old cookie. People burned his house down, because they were so awful. Next up he tried chocolate cookies, and this time the townsfolk cut off his leg. They just couldn't believe the baker could try plain old chocolate as a way to improve the nasty cookie (as established earlier, chocolate sauce is like butt runoff). Finally, the baker hobbled together the chocolate chip cookie. The townsfolk reattached his leg as a token of their gratitude, because the chocolate chip was a hit.

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day Video

In this video, we are celebrating Chocolate Chip Day. This comedy video will be short, sweet, and most of all silly. It will celebrate all things Chocolate Chip in a totally humorous way. Enjoy!

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