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FBL Podcast EP 12: Live from Philly Improv Theater

Apr 26

full belly laughs podcast episode 12 live from Philly Improv TheaterComedians Jake Mattera, Annie Paradis, and Michael S. Watkins live on stage at the Philly Improv Theater. This marks the first performance of the podcast in front of a live audience. Take a listen at history.

FBL Podcast EP 11: Live from Township Line Pizza

Apr 19

full belly laughs podcast episode 11 live from township line pizzaComedians John Deary, Jon Lalu, and Teddy Hanson join host Brian Durkin on location at Township Line Pizza. The comedic gang enjoys two styles of pizza, a cheesesteak stromboli, and boneless buffalo wings.

FBL Podcast EP 10: A Cheese Plate for Any Occasion

Apr 12

full belly laughs podcast episode 10 a cheese plate for any occasionComedians Eddie Finn, Alejandro Morales, & Joey Dougherty join Brian Durkin for a pleasant evening of light snacks. Anyone can make this easy cheese plate. It is a fantastic way to serve up something quick.

FBL Podcast EP 9: Sweet & Savory: The Foolproof Pork Chop Recipe

Apr 05

full belly laughs podcast episode 9 the foolproof pork chop recipeComedians Garrett Smith, Robert Ecks, and Setoiyo join Brian Durkin as he demonstrates the perfect way to make pork chops. By combining sweet and savory flavors, Brian will show you how to make dinner for your bae.

FBL Podcast EP 8: How to Balance a Spicy Sauce

Mar 29

full belly laughs podcast episode 8 how to balance a spicy sauceComedians Michael Kelly, Amanda Taylor, and Alex Grubard chat about their favorite spicy foods, then chow down on some hot wings. Check out the recipe for these wings within the blog post. This eppy is packed with fun times.

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