Chicken vs Steak

Episode 214 | Feb 3, 2020

Bloody, high-end flesh or versatile, chameleon foul? Find out which meat people think is best.

Which Meat Is the Best: Steak or Chicken?

On this episode of the podcast, we debate the pros and cons of chicken vs steak. Many listeners provide their thoughtful and comedic viewpoints on the matter. Host and comic Brian Durkin curates the discussion and provides his own silly insights. You're sure to learn, laugh, and maybe even love both meats.

Which Is Healthier: Steak or Chicken?

It's really hard to say. Back in the day doctors said steak was what because it had more fat, but we've come to learn that fat doesn't make you fat. Being an American on the Wall-E program gets you plump enough to slice up and serve to other Americans. If you want to be the good phat, you need to be hip to the new science. That's when "experts" (people on YouTube) hustle their followers into lifestyles, because the "experts" have a vested interest in coverts. It's like the economics of attention is based of of church financing.

But none of that matters. Which meat should I eat?

Chicken is known for being leaner, so that's the traditional and safe choice. It really depends on a ton of factors: weight, height, lifestyle, diet, etc. Your best bet is honestly to hedge and not eat too much of any one thing.

Which is Better: Chicken or Steak?

It depends on you as a person. Everyone prefers different flavors, or values different stuff when it comes to meat. Steak has a higher ceiling on overall taste, but is not as easy to cook as chicken. Chicken is known as a leaner meat, but one cow feeds many where 6 chickens die for each order of wings. Chicken can take on other spices and sauces very well, but that means it doesn't boast its own strong flavor profile.

Steak in general is a "richer" experience. It tends to cost more, requires more "skill" to prepare optimally, and feels more expensive in taste. It's probably best to eat chicken more often than steak just so steak can continue to feel special.

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