Guess Who? Characters

A list of all the characters in the classic board game Guess Who?

Guess Who Characters

Millennials agree: how could you forget those Guess Who board games? Well if you’re parents didn’t buy the game for you, then that would be a quick and easy way to not remember them. But if you played, then Maria’s barrette seared itself into your memory.

Guess Who is one of our favorite games to play on the Full Belly Laughs podcast. On the podcast the gang makes wild assumptions about the Guess Who characters. It’s tons of fun listening to the comics ask crazy questions. characters. It’s an even better time if you know what the characters in the game look like.

Guess Who Characters

There are several different Guess Who board games. These are the characters from the new classic version. These are the characters we play with on the Full Belly Laughs podcast.

Guess Who Characters Alex


A beacon of diversity on the board, Alex is arguably the only trans character.

Guess Who Characters Alfred


This dude just woke up after pounding pre-prohibition cocktails.

Guess Who Characters Anita


This Golden Girl looks ready to do an experiment by the Kinsey Institute.

Guess Who Characters Anne


Nobody clips coupons better than this sassy mama.

Guess Who Characters Bernard


No one can rival his joy in finding someone his age at the porn theater.

Guess Who Characters Bill


He’s got a profile pic of himself as a court jester at a local Renaissance fair.

Guess Who Characters Charles


Just discovered the shower wall mount attachment for the Fleshlight.

Guess Who Characters Claire


Her collection of hand-knitted sweaters are only rivaled by her cats.

Guess Who Characters David


He uses his music composition degree to make sick Cock Hero videos.

Guess Who Characters Eric


His 15 minutes so fame came from cutting Styrofoam cups with his face.

Guess Who Characters Frans


A nice guy but unable to look you in the eye when shaking your hand.

Guess Who Characters George


This Caddyshack villian just finished a cool 18 holes at the country club.

Guess Who Characters Herman


He love alphabetizing deck registration sheets as much as he loves foils.

Guess Who Characters Joe


Every year he reprises his role as Flattop in a local production of Dick Tracy.

Guess Who Characters Maria


She corrects your grammar while wishing she was actually French.

Guess Who Characters Max


He’s short order cook, but on the weekend gives people cement shoes.

Guess Who Characters Paul


If the Holiday Yule Log could be a person, it would be this pop-pop.

Guess Who Characters Peter


The movie Shampoo with Warren Beatty was based on this guy’s life.

Guess Who Characters Phillip


As a civil war reenactor, he takes on the prestigious role of Abe Lincoln.

Guess Who Characters Richard


His knowledge is impressive, but the fact that he works at the cafe is sad.

Guess Who Characters Robert


He just got done dropping his daughters off at soccer practice.

Guess Who Characters Sam


He looks like Bernie Sanders because he is the disappearing middle class.

Guess Who Characters Susan


She works the make-up counter at Macy’s, and loves Real Housewives.

Guess Who Characters Tom


He has a secret cave in a field where he chills with Saorise Ronan.

Guess Who Board Games So Not Diverse

Milton Bradley signed off on the characters in the Guess Who board games. If we had it our way, there would be way more diversity in this game. Women are outnumbered 5 to 19. There are almost no people of color, and very few gender ambiguous characters. Maybe some day Milton Bradley will release of version of this game for adults that actually represent the many beautiful ways people look. For now, we’ll keep complaining about it on the podcast.

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