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Brian Durkin is the founder of Full Belly Laughs. This site is his vision and an amalgam of his favorite things: food and games. Enjoy all of the content authored by him. It ranges from podcasts, videos, inforgraphics, and blog posts.

Powerful Streamers Silenced a Sexual Assault Victim

Sep 26, 2022

Mizkif, Maya Higa, and Mitch Jones intimidate a smaller streamer from speaking her truth and protect their sexual predator friend Crazy Slick. Believe it or not, there is comedy to be found in this situation.

Texas Church Makes This Famous Musical Anti-Gay

Sep 6, 2022

Some folks just have no limits on how they want to express the evils in their hearts. Find out what the heck happened, as well as learn about some other wild news stories from the past week.

No More Dough at This Pizza Chain

Aug 29, 2022

Brian is back with a new podcast: FuBeLa. It's all the fun times you'd expect from the original show (The Full Belly Laughs Podcast), but presented in a tight 9 minute format. He discusses a bunch of weird stories and plays games.

itsgng Will Co-Commentate the FBL SAP Open 1

Aug 15, 2022

Learn all about the amazing content creator that will be co-streaming the event, and bringing some amazing knowledge and laughs to the broadcast. We couldn't be happier to have him join the event.

Addressing Your Concerns About SAP Open 1

Aug 10, 2022

After announcing the SAP Open 1 and Creator Toolkit in haste, the SAP community responded negatively. Brian talks about how the announcement got bungled, and what the event will actually be like.

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