2024 SAP Hand and Brain Invitational 01

8 Teams Compete to Control Something on the FBL Live Stream

Super Auto Pets Hand and Brain Format

Hand and Brain is a format popularized by Chess. It's a duos event where one player names a piece, and the teammate must move a piece of that type; however, the playing moving the piece can move it as they see fit.

It's similar vibes on how SAP Hand and Brain would work. One teammate will be the Brain, and they say an action. Then the other teammate, the Hand, will make the game action.

Actions the Brain Can Say

Here are all the options the Brain players may say:

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Position
  • Freeze
  • Roll
  • End

How the Hand Can Act on Brain Instructions

Roll and End are the most obvious, sine the Hand player can only interpret these actions one way. When it comes to Buy, Sell, Position, and Freeze the Hand player can choose any units or items they see fit. Note that the Hand must make an action. If a Hand teammate appears to be purposefully stalling for time to run out as opposed to listen to the Brain, then the team will incur penalties.

SAP Hand and Brain Invitational 01 Team List

Here are your teams for the first ever SAP Hand and Brain Invitational:

Hand Brain
HelloEggie KelbyMG
MrBuga12 RevolvingCoke
HungryManning flip_em_off
Brotuzak ItsJustTylerTV
Phillipwithstyle Cotty
Lulakita OGToop
DreyZi densehedges
CemiQuents anonymous 3123

Event Info

All the details you need for the big day.

Date and Time:

Event will start on Saturday March 23rd at 2pm PST.

Tournament Format

Round Robin Best of 1 Matches. There will also be a bit of randomness and luck on which static packs teams can use. Tune in to find out how this X factor will work.

Winning Team Prize

Winning team choose an image that FullBellyLaughs must include on their stream overlay for a month.

Best Clips Contest

FullBellyLaughs is running a clip contest for the event. After all the games are played, we'll be holidng a contest on the best clips. Great clips include cool plays and funny moments. Chat will vote on their favorites, and users that submitted winning clips will win prizes. The rewareds will include special roles, discounts, and monetary prizes.

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