2023 Subtember Event Announcement

Join the fun on this month long streaming challenge

September Streaming Promotion

This year Full Belly Laughs is doing a very exciting challenge in the month of September. As long as the channel reaches a threshold of subscribers, Brian will stream a certain number of days in a row plus the community will unlock different content. So for example, if the channel reaches 21 subs then Brian will stream 6 days in a row and on the 6th day do a pickle jar speedrun. There is exciting content to enjoy each day (if we make it), so check out the full schedule below.

Visual Breakdown of Event

The left column is the number of subs that must be reached in order to reach that many days of streaming in a row. The Milestone Goal is the content that will be on the channel on that day of the event (if we make it to that day).

2023 Full Belly Laughs Subtember Event Week 1
2023 Full Belly Laughs Subtember Event Week 2
2023 Full Belly Laughs Subtember Event Week 3
2023 Full Belly Laughs Subtember Event Week 4
2023 Full Belly Laughs Subtember Event Bonus

2023 FBL Subtember Event Fully Explained

Depending on the total sub count, Brian will stream that many days in a row and the community will unlock all of that content. So looking at the chart above, if the community makes it to 28 total subs then Brian will stream 7 days in a row and do all the Milestone Goals on stream.

Subs Needed to Add a Day

The sub total increases based on the days streamed in a row. That's why the total subs go from 1 to 3 to 6 to 10 to 15 etc etc. Adding the Xth Day requires X more subs added to the total. Example: to unlock the 5th day in a row of streaming, the community needs to get from 10 subs to 15 subs (so 5 more for a 5th day).

Milestone Goals

This content is unlocked when the channel reaches the corresponding Total Subs. The Milestone Content will happen on the unlocked day as well. So for example, if the community gets to 55 subs, there will be a Podcast on the 10th day of streaming in a row during the event.

Types of Milestone Goals

Each week there are general categories that the Milestone Goals content falls under. They are as follows: food reward, food challenge, Super Auto Pets, Jackbox or Community Games, Board Games, and Giveaways. Every week you can usually expect something from each of these content categories. As the event progresses, the intensity of the content increases. So for example, in Week 1 the Super Auto Pets content is 1v1s, but in Week 3 it's a tournament with cash prizes.

Stream Length Increases Each Week

Starting a new week in the challenge adds 2 hours to each stream. Here's the breakdown:

  • Week 1 = 2 hours per stream
  • Week 2 = 4 hours per stream
  • Week 3 = 6 hours per stream
  • Week 4 = 8 hours per stream

At the time of this event, Brian still has commits outside of the stream (i.e. a day job that actually pays the bills). So this schedule of stream hours is actually intense and demanding. It's also why we can't do a traditional subathon style event.

Only Streams This Month Are For the Event

If the event ends on the 5th day, then Brian won't be back live on Twitch until October. So if you want more FBL streams, then you'll need to contribute and hype up the event. Same goes for the Milestone Goals content: if we don't reach that milestone or day in the event, then that content doesn't happen.

When New Subs Need to Be Received

In order to unlock days of streaming and content rewards, the subs need to be added during a live stream. Offline subs will only count if the next day is already unlocked. For example: On the 1st Day we hit a total of 10 subs, so that guarantees 4 days of streaming in a row. During the course of those 4 days, we can receive 5 more subs to unlock the 5th day; however, when the stream ends on the 4th day, if we don't reach the Total Subs of 15, then the event ends and there are no more streams.

Bonus Rewards

Reaching a Total Sub count of 465 will unlock all 30 days of content in September, but there are some crazy stretch goals to earn as well. Reaching 500 Total Subs turns the final day into a 24 hour stream. Hitting 1000 Total Subs turns that 24 hour stream into a 48 hour stream. Finally there are some epic prizes for 5k, 10k, and even 20k subs (refer to the graphics). These rewards will not be delivered on the live stream, but instead in the discord.

Supporter Wheel Still in Effect

During this event, we will still be honoring our Supporter Wheel promotion. Whenever someone donates $1 USD or 100 Bits, Brian will spin a wheel on stream. The wheel has a bunch of outcomes, some prizes for chat and other punishments for Brian. Whenever someone subscribers, they get to spin the wheel twice. During this Subtember Subathon challenge, Brian will still be doing 2 wheel spins per Tier 1 sub or Prime sub.

Don't Forget Your Prime Gaming Free Subscription

Remember that with Amazon Prime you can subscribe to one creator on Twitch for free every month. To unlock your free subscription, learn more about how Prime works.

Rewards and Raffles Are Sub Only

Any Milestone Goal that's a raffle or rewards given out on Discord will be for subscribers only. So if you want a chance to win moderator, a steam gift card, etc., then you'll want to participate in the event.

Join the Discord For Updates

There is a chance that the reward structure may change during the course of the event (example: podcast has to be rescheduled). Brian will also do announcements in the Discord about when the stream will go live. Plus in order to enter the Subscriber only raffles, you'll need to be a member of the Discord. So what are you waiting for? Join now.

Tell Your Friends About This Event

Full Belly Laughs has never done a Subtember type of promotion or event. Let the world know about this awesomeness.

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