Stop Cooking with Recipes and Start Living

Brian Durkin | Jun 16, 2015

Are you ready for the opportunity to jam with dope musicians? Time spent memorizing songs could prevent you from mastering your instrument. Understanding how the notes on an instrument. This allows you to discover new combinations, improvise melodies, and express your true self. So throw away all your recipes. Why? Cooking works the same way. A recipe handicaps a chef's growth. To build your cooking prowess you need to learn to let go of strict instructions. Build your confidence in the kitchen with improvisations.

Benefits of Improv (No Recipes Lifestyle)

Full Belly Laughs agrees that every person should take an improv class. The core principles of improv teach students to accept and embrace mistakes. Not every dish you make in the kitchen would win a challenge on Top Chef. But hey you made it and it's new and exciting and most important of all it's unique. When you cook without a recipe every time you make something there will be subtle differences. Maybe you try more lemon. Maybe you braise instead of bake. Every time you experience something original. Accepting mistakes builds confidence. With enough confidence you can learn to deal with hurdles. The home cook who only follows recipes can't adapt to no milk in the fridge. The chef that can improvise can.

A Goal Without a Plan is a Dream

Just because you kept the cookbook closed does not mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Every great chef builds on their food knowledge from experiencing difference cuisines. When something works, do it again. If you taste something you like, try to replicate it. Remember you may be avoiding recipes on Pinterest, but you don't want to serve raw chicken either. Look up how to cook meat to the right temperature. Food poisoning is no fun. At the end of the day you will need some guidance. Like figuring out what to wear for the day, start with an ingredient you know you want to use. Then build your meal around that item. Avoid the paradox of choice. You won't master an instrument in one day, but with some time you will be able to jam out some cool melodies.

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