Rick Helpa

One of the many hilarious comedians to have contributed to this site. Check out their work below.

Nathan the Wawa Ghost talks on Comment Cards, Capitalism and Conspiracy Theories

May 3, 2017

The author sits down once again with Nathan the Wawa ghost. He discusses things like hockey, conspiracy theories and the problem with capitalism.

Nathan, the Dead Guy Trapped at WaWa, Explains Why Milkshakes Aren't at Every Location

Feb 16, 2017

Find out why WaWa doesn't let you make a milkshake at every location, explained by a guy trapped at a WaWa in another dimension.

Comment Cards: The Origin of Dead Nathan & How He Communicates

Jan 12, 2017

Nathan died in a Wawa parking lot. From the beyond the grave he now communicates with us through Wawa comment cards.

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