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Over the years Full Belly Laughs stumbled upon a lot of awesome people. Many cool creators collaborated with FBL, and others Full Belly Laughs just admires. This list includes podcasts and brands that Full Belly Laughs enjoys. Most of them have similar traits to the Full Belly Laughs philosophy. If you're a fan of FBL, then most likely you will like one of the other things on this page.

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For more recommendations from Full Belly Laughs, be sure to look out for the hashtag #FBLRecommends. Whenever FBL shouts out a great creator, that's the hashtag it will use.

Podcast Recommendations

Looking for more podcasts? There are so many to choose from, so where do you start? We help you narrow down that search. Many different podcasters have appeared on Full Belly Laughs over the years. These are the ones with shows that have a similar vibe to FBL. They either focus on positivity, friends hanging out, board games, or the pursuit of knowledge.

Friends of Full Belly Laughs

This list of recommendations includes any podcast that's done collaborations with Full Belly Laughs. This list also includes shows that have a similar vibe or philosophy to FBL.

Doom Thugs

Mike, Justin, and Harrison are the main men behind Doom Thugs. It's the number one podcast in Delaware County, and for good reason. It's a chill show with chill dudes that like to chill. You will enjoy Doom Thugs if you're down for fun banter, hilarious stories, and cool trivia games about movies. They've appear on FBL several times, and host Brian Durkin has appeared on their podcast numerous times.

Everything Is Awesome

Kevin Gallagher is one of the best conversationalists around. His ability to make an interview enchanting is unparalleled. This pod is a free form long interview show, and it tends to dive into nerdy topics.

Kevin is best known for putting on an incredible podcast and comedy festival in Philadelphia. He organizes the whole thing himself. That includes sponsors, comedians, podcasters, equipment, venues, etc. It's also a benefit show, so all the proceeds go to charity. Kevin donates his time and doesn't take anything for doing this festival. That's the type of spirit FBL loves and wants to showcase. If you're ever in the Philadelphia area towards the beginning of the year, check out his festival.

Here We Are

Comedian Shane Mauss travels the country with his podcast to interview scientists about what makes us who we are. The conversations are deep, practical, and fun. Shane has an incredible curiosity, and sense of humor. He does an amazing job representing us commoners in the likes of great scientific minds.. You will enjoy this podcast if you like educational shows that has a sense of humor.

Party of One

Jeff Stormer is the game master, and he takes you and guest down a fun adventure. This is a pretty nerdy show, but any one that loves D&D will love it. Jeff puts together a 2 person role playing adventure for him and his guest. The podcast captures their story line. The dude really knows his board games of course, so he was an obvious choice as a guest on Full Belly Laughs. If you're favorite part of FBL is the game portion, this might be the next podcast to try.

Sex with Timaree

Sexologist Dr. Timaree Schmit is an adjunct teacher, guest lecture, writer, consultant, and podcaster. Her podcast Sex with Timaree is one of the most revered shows produced in the greater Philadelphia area. The show features a wide range of guests whose lives or professions touch on sexuality. She has been kind enough to be a guest on Full Belly Laughs, which was an amazing experience for us. Timaree is out here helping people understand themselves and each other in positive way. If you want to know more about sexuality, this is our topic pick.

Quest for Magic and Steele

The Steele Empire is a podcast network run by the Steele family. Quest for Magic and Steele is their flagship show. It's a D&D podcast where the whole family performs a season long campaign. If you love nerdy stuff and looking for something to binge, this is the perfect podcast. They have several other nerd podcasts on the network. David Steele, the main man behind the operations, dedicates his time and equipment for many live podcast events in Philly. Him and his family are great people, and we are happy to have had them on Full Belly Laughs.

Brian's Podcast Picks

Brian listens to a lot of podcasts. It's a habit that started before launching Full Belly Laughs, and the habit has only grown since. Nowadays Brian listens to podcast for inspiration and professional growth mostly. That way he can be a better podcast host to all the listeners of Full Belly Laughs. This list of podcast recommendations includes some of Brian's go-to favorites.

Good One

Host Jesse David Fox sits down with comedians to talk about jokes. Each guest selects a joke from their career, and the episode opens with a recording of that joke. The next 40-60 minutes is Jesse chatting with the guest and dissecting the joke. This is a fantastic podcast for aspiring comedians and comedy nerds. They really dig deep into the nuances of what makes a joke work.

This Past Weekend

Host Theo Von is one of Brian's favorite comedians. He's a fantastic storyteller and brings a unique perspective to any podcast conversation. This Past Weekend has two formats: Theo by himself and Theo interviewing a guest. This mimics two prominent styles found on Full Belly Laughs in recent years, and This Past Weekend was an influence. If you like fun word choices, interesting stories, and comics riffing then this is the show for you.

Spice Corner

Looking for something fresh that's got a bite? Look no further. This list includes some of our favorite off-brand podcasts. Shows in this category tend to be more vulgar or outrageous. But that doesn't make them any less awesome.

Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast

Comedians Matt MCusker and Shane Gillis just chat about whatever on this show, and it's hilarious! They are great friends, and the show captures their magical chemistry. There are countless laugh-out-loud moments. And in true comedic fashion they don't pull any punches. They do riffs on all kinds of uncouth topics. If you like the darker jokes on FBL, then this is the podcast for you.

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