Test York Peppermint Patties vs Junior Mints

Episode 138 | Aug 21, 2018

Comedians Debate the Merits of Two Classic Candies

Episode 138: Junior Mints vs York Peppermint Patties Full Transcription

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Junior Mints vs York Peppermint Patties

Brian Opens the Show

Brian Durkin: Hello and welcome to when food meets funny. This is the full belly laughs podcast. I am your host Brian Durkin and today is a very special day. I'M DROPPING THIS EPISODE ON MY BIRTHDAY WHAT. WHAT. It just worked out that way. But that's just a side note we're getting some nice food chats going on. This is a very classic format of the show. Get ready we're about to do, York Peppermint Patties versus Junior Mints. Let's hit that jingle.

Theme Music

Theme Music: You want to have a great time you like to laugh while you dine. That's why you prefer half and half. It's time to listen to Full Belly Laughs.

Intro for Episode 138

Brian Durkin: Yes yes yes, that is right. It's your boy B Dizzle. Now thirty-thizzle. What up? Hey what's happening people uhhh, still me Brian Durkin.

Brian Durkin: Thank you for checking out Full Belly Laughs or making it part of your podcast routine. Today is actually my birthday. Unless you're not listening to this when it came out then I had a birthday and hopefully I'm still alive and kicking. Killing it in the game you know. But as I record this is the eve of my birth of 30 some years ago. So it's kind of cool. Probably going to be another five years until I guess it works out that my birthday's on another Tuesday.

Brian Durkin: Factoring some leap year situations in there. So yeah release the show every Tuesday morning and I don't know when the next year it will be when this syncs up so it's kind of cool it's a neat little milestone moment but I have had so much going on in my life with the projects wrapping up, life things moving and shaking, exciting things happening with this podcast that I did not plan a special birthday episode. So I decided to rearrange the order in which episodes came out to feature a really fun conversation I had with a past guest and great friend of mine. Awesome contributor to all things Full Belly Laughs and soon to be contributing even more in the near future I should say at least is my good buddy Alex Colic. So he's back on the show. He's a big York Peppermint Patty fan in the dark. I like Junior Mints because I only eat candy when there's no lights on. No I I'm not, before we had this conversation I didn't really have a strong opinion either way. Kind of just liked the idea of Junior Mints versus the York Peppermint Patty and you'll hear why. But yeah we have a nice little thorough discussion. Have some fun facts. We have some nice jokes back and forth.

Brian Durkin: And of course he's one of my nerd buddies. So began the conversation we go a little deep in the nerd talk. I thought this would be kind of fun to share today on my birthday simply because the story that we open our conversation with is kind of me getting super lucky at an event and you know the gods gifting me with several dollars. And you know I figured since I got that lucky gift it's like a treat back to myself. So anyway that's why we're having this episode next week we have a really really fun wrap up summer episode with Anthony Barone and Brendan Donegan. Please stay tuned for that it'll be super good we recorded that one so long ago. So if those guys are listening I'm so sorry that that's gotten pushed back a couple of times. We had this solo cast in there with life stuff and then we have this special episode so that'll be coming out next week and then I'll be all about summer foods of sorts. So be a nice little button up for getting ready for Labor Day weekend that's for sure. So without further ado let's just jump into the episode. If you're a longtime listener I hope that this is an episode you like.

Brian sets up the Conversation

Brian Durkin: Just like all of them I hope you enjoy them. I don't make this to make your life worse. That would be so cruel. I could do it in so many more direct ways than putting out mediocre comedy content. But in any case I hope this brings you joy I hope you learn something I hope you help get yourself situated on where you feel on the raging debate of York Peppermint Patty vs. Junior Mints. You know we're going to look back and it's going to be one of the defining issues of 2018. I mean I read the headlines and I know that I don't read headlines because I believe that this is the most important issue. And the other thing I believe is I'll know what I'm talking about. So I do know a couple of things for real. I am feeling good. I had a nice day and I'm going to have a cool birthday, I'm gonna catch up with some friends. Going to chat with my girl and I'm going to put out this episode. So let's get into it. And this is a little bit longer intro than usual. But I'll button things up at the end. So here's Alex Colic and me debating York Peppermint Patties versus Junior Mints.

Brian and Alex Start Talking

Brian Durkin: Alex Colic.

Alex Colic: What's Up Durk?

Brian Durkin: Welcome back. You're one of the few guests to actually do recordings in the soon to be not so new apartment.

Alex Colic: Oh it's, I'm very sad.

Brian Durkin: Yeah.

Alex Colic: Very sad but I'm happy I'm happy for you.

Brian Durkin: Thank you.

Alex Colic: I'm excited for you guys.

Brian Durkin: Thank you.

Alex Colic: This is, I hate to say it, but that's probably where you should be. You know what I mean.

Brian Durkin: Yeah it's it's it's a spot. You know, for anyone that's new to tuning in. My girlfriend already moved to L.A. and I am going to try and meet her out there sometime next year.

Alex Colic: That's very exciting man. You guys are going to kill it. You're going to kill it out there.

Brian Durkin: She's already living the high life. She's got a place in Santa Monica that is way too expensive.

Alex Colic: Sounds amazing.

Brian Durkin: But we talked about it before she left and it's very similar to like when I first moved to Philly like my first apartment was way too much money but like in Center City

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: So I had everything at my fingertips.

Alex Colic: Right, you're super ballin'.

Brian Durkin: Exactly. But it's funny because at like the 9 month mark I was very tired of like drunk people yelling outside my window ya know

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: I was ready to find like the neighborhood that I would stay at for a while.

Alex Colic: Right, yeah.

Brian Durkin: But in any case anyone that does listen to the show a lot. You've probably heard Alex on past excellent episodes but you also might know him as Alex from Magnolia in the comments.

Alex Colic: Shocking.

Brian Durkin: Yeah he's a prolific commenter on the show always has really funny and insightful answers and

Alex Colic: I have opinions.

Brian Durkin: Yes exactly. You're my friend. So it's easy to have you on the show,I'd have you anyway, but that kind of thing is what puts you ahead of other lameazoid friends that don't have good opinions or funny lines.

Alex Colic: I enjoy the topics a lot of times and you know honestly, like if I'm feeling it, I'll really get into it, you know what I mean?

Brian Durkin: Yea

Alex Colic: If I'm not feeling it, I'm not just gonna, ya know, lay down a turd. I'm just gonna..

Brian Durkin: That's true

Alex Colic: You know just If I've got nothing funny to say I'm not going to bother because that's

Brian Durkin: That's fair, there are, there are polls where you have not spoken or it takes you while to weigh in.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Yeah that's true.

Alex Colic: Well you know, I gotta think it out a bit

Brian Durkin: That's true, that's true, you gotta make sure it counts. There are some people that just comment, they're like 'oranges'. Ya know it's like I mean that vote counts but I'm not probably gonna read that one on the air.

Alex Colic: Sure, like, thanks, that's super. Glad you like oranges.

Brian Durkin: Yeah. I mean you were definitely heard.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: But you will probably not make the show. I mean unless the debate was, ya know, pizza versus chocolate or something you just yelled oranges. I probably would read that.

Alex Colic: All right. Well mission

Remembering Old Times

Brian Durkin: So yea, so we actually just saw each other this past weekend. The last, actually last time you were on the show we were talking about cards games

Alex Colic: Oh, yeah.

Brian Durkin: A little bit. So, for anyone that hasn't listened so one of the nerdier episodes, ya know we know we play board games and stuff and myself and a lot of my guests come from like the board game, card game world. So we went to a pretty baller card tournament where... To put things in perspective, normally entry fee for an event at your local game store is like 10 bucks. This was a hundred dollars but that's because you got a random assortment of cards and they were all of these like really powerful cards some of them worth a lot of money. But you didn't know what you're gonna get. So it was kind of like a lottery ticket you could get crap or you could get something that was worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Alex Colic: And Durk is a savage.

Brian Durkin: Yeah I uhh... I had a recording that day and I saw it getting post about on Facebook and I checked with the people I was going to record with. And I'm like hey we still on today and they're like oh no we have to cancel and I was like yes because I wanted to play but also it was just like, feeling myself.

Alex Colic: Dude

Brian Durkin: Like I was like I feel like I need to be at that event.

Duelists Talking About Dueling

Alex Colic: You and Jose were unconscious. It was ridiculous. The two of them are sitting across the table from me. In a seven man draft. And okay so Nick Cost, shout out Nick Coss for the amazing idea. I think this was a first of its kind. I believe he called it the platinum draft. Basically he took a bunch of just random cards that he had a bunch of extra in his store of that he wanted to just get rid of. And then he seeded, he made these packs of 15 magical cards, right, that we draft. And then he seeded them with very rare expensive cards that could be worth from like what, a hundred bucks to like four hundred bucks.

Brian Explains the Event

Brian Durkin: To like a thousand bucks. So I mean like to put things in perspective, if you're familiar with a fantasy sports at all, it's like a fantasy draft, but you're gonna like open a package of cards take one pass the rest and all the stuff so what Alex is referring to is I sat next to our friend Jose, who opened a package of cards that had a 350 dollar card and a hundred dollar card. So he took the 350 passed me the hundred. Then the next package of cards I returned the favor. I opened a four hundred dollar card and a hundred dollar card so I took the four hundred and passed him the hundred. Alex just sat there getting nothing, the whole time

Alex Colic: The draft, I think I got about 23 bucks in value, the whole draft.

Brian Durkin: Yes. Well it was funny, so I was fiending and I was watching the whole event and there were like 10 cards out there that were all worth like several hundreds of dollars, right. So I was watching the whole event, cause I think you peace'd out kind of early.

Alex Colic: Well, no I went three, two and missed top eight by one

Brian Durkin: And then you left...

Alex Colic: I finished ninth place out of

Brian Durkin: That's right, that's right.

Alex Colic: So like literally the worst thing that could happen is I play out the whole thing and I miss, Jose gets eighth and I get ninth

Brian Durkin: Yup

Alex Colic: But, shining, shining spot is I did beat Durk in head to head during...

Brian Durkin: You did, you crushed me. It wasn't even close.

Brian Durkin: So, and you needed the win more than me because I was up

Alex Colic: I did.

Brian Durkin: I was up money wise

Alex Colic: You were up like five hundred bucks

Brian Durkin: Yea, at least, at least.

Alex Colic: It's fine.

Brian Durkin: So I. So I wanted to watch that.. I was feeling myself. I was like I'm real lucky, I'll play again for another hundred bucks.

Alex Colic: That is sick, that is sick.

Brian Durkin: Because I'm like I'm playing with house money.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: I'm up hundreds of dollars

Alex Colic: Yea 100 percent.

Brian Explains His Plan

Brian Durkin: So I'm like let's.. I was getting other that were like sitting around that were like thinking about playing again. They weren't sure. Because they were selling packs

Alex Colic: Yeah I saw that.

Brian Durkin: They were selling sets.

Alex Colic: Yea I saw that they were trying to get rid of them.

Brian Durkin: Yea to get rid of them because they're just like lottery tickets, right. And like you said Nick has set these up to like move extra stock

Alex Colic: Right.

Brian Durkin: And put some juicy things in there so people would buy them

Alex Colic: Right.

Brian Durkin: Or at least try to get them. And I'm like let's watch the top eight because they're going to open a bunch more.

Alex Colic: Right

Brian Durkin: And I'm like if they don't open a lot of high dollar cards then there's a lot of them out there for us to get, to buy and play right.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: So we're watching and somebody in the top eight opens the most expensive card. Opens underground sea for anyone who cares.

Alex Colic: Nice.

The Plot Thickens

Brian Durkin: But what was crazy was as the event was going people said that that got opened already. And then so we were like wait what happened, and so then we did some more intel. Turns out that that person was like oh yea, No I never had that card. So now like the.. It was as if the top eight didn't open any expensive cards. Like if we had thought four out of the ten were taken.

Alex Colic: Yea.

Brian Durkin: It turns out that was true after we watched, so we were like let's definitely play again.

Alex Colic: Sure.

Brian Durkin: Because there's six super expensive cards out there and there are only 20 things left to be bought.

Alex Colic: Right.

Brian Durkin: Somebody has a really good chance

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Where as like 18 or something like one out of three of these is going to have like a great card. So four of us got together it was like me, Frank, Evan and some guy, I can't remember his name. Some guy, I can't remember his name, didn't really have the money to play he's like, he's like can I trade cards in. And they're like if you trade cards and we'll give you like 10 percent of their value, towards this.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Because they don't want you to do that.

Alex Colic: Sure

Brian Durkin: So he's like ... And then we were doing the math on the expensive cards and he finally was like screw it I'm going to do it. We were like, yes!

Alex Colic: Wow.

Brian Durkin: Cause we could've just bought, we could've just bought the packages ourselves and open them as lottery tickets.

Alex Colic: Sure

Brian Durkin: But the way that they set up the event is that they made certain packages really juiced up in value.

Alex Colic: Right

Brian Durkin: Because they were intended to be passed down the line.

Alex Colic: Right right.

Brian Durkin: So like if we were like if we do another mini event then we kind of like hedge our bets.

Alex Colic: Sure.

Brian Durkin: Because if any one of us opens a good pack we'll pass it along.

Alex Colic: Sure.

The Draft is On

Brian Durkin: Right. So this guy agrees to do it. So it's just four of us right. So it's even better because it's like usually the juicy pack has like four good cards. So like everybody will get something. First pack nobody gets anything. Second pack, Evan sitting to my left opens one of the super expensive cards. So he gets a ...excuse me a.. and there's like some super foiley holographic shiny card that he passes me. So I get like a fifty dollar credit there, Frank just misses out. I open Tundra. So I'm just balling out of control.

Alex Colic: I saw that. Yeah, yeah.

Brian Durkin: That's like a five hundred dollar card.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: So I'm like way way ahead. Somehow my Tundra pack has no other valuable cards. So I pass Frank nothing. The other guy, he gets nothing. He could barely afford to play. Then we were going to play out games, to like just to bet on.

Alex Colic: Poor bastard

Brian Durkin: So somebody could try and win something else and

Alex Colic: Sure.

Brian Durkin: And he was in a car with somebody else who had to leave right then so he didn't even get to play. So he got nothing and didn't get to play.

Alex Colic: Mistakes were made for that guy.

Brian Durkin: Yeah it sucked. He had the opposite experience of me.

Alex Colic: So you're like, you're up like a G, for the day, maybe.

Brian Durkin: So, like a true gambler. I of course bought another pack and lost right.

Alex Colic: Oh boy.

Brian Durkin: So I spent two-eighty but I got like a thousand in cards. So yeah I made like 4 times on my money. But it's all phantom dollars.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: You know it's not real.

Alex Colic: They're just, they exist.

Brian Durkin: Yea.

Alex Colic: But it exists it's like a stock or whatever. That you can turn into, you know what I mean?

Brian Durkin: The, it saved me seven-fifty retail.

Alex Colic: Yeah, a hundred precent.

Brian Durkin: Even if, if it's like diamonds and they're really not really worth anything

Alex Colic: Sure they're just worth whatever people are willing to give you for it.

Brian Durkin: Yea.

Alex Colic: But that's still man like, you know the community like we're gonna we're going to eternal weekend, like you can do whatever you want.

Brian Durkin: That's true.

Alex Colic: It'll let you play, so.

Count Your Blessings

Brian Durkin: So in any case I'm very lucky. I don't know if I'm going to be.. I don't know if fortunates going to favor me here because I took a position on our food debate, that's maybe curious. I believe in Junior Mints but you don't. You're a York Peppermint Patty guy. I don't even know that was a position one could take.

Alex Colic: Oh 100 percent like, York, Pennsylvania. That's where they that's where came from.

Brian Durkin: That's your opening statement.

Alex Colic: That's where they came from.

Brian Durkin: Yea.

Alex Colic: They're uhh...I might have done a little Wiki searching earlier.Made in 1940. Junior Mints forty-eight, just saying.

Brian Durkin: Alright, alright. Fair.

Alex Colic: Not the first, neither was the first ever to come out with a mint chocolate treat like that. But, the Mint, Junior Mint or rather the York mint, York Peppermint Patty was the first to get it not mushy. Every other mint chocolate candy before that came out was like a mushier, softer kind of.. And this one was the first one that had that snap when you crack it in half ya know.

Brian Durkin: Ah-ha! Well the first snap and also mint or the first snap?

Alex Colic: No. The first I mean the sound, the sound, when you snap it half, you know what I'm saying? That almost crispiness to the York Peppermint Patty.

Brian Durkin: Like a nun with a ruler.

Alex Colic: Yea, yea.

Brian Durkin: Yea, for sure.

Alex Talks About Junior Mints

Alex Colic: Where is the junior mints, like I find them a little overwhelming and then you're in a movie theater with them, I know that's where you are supposed to eat them. And I'm just like overwhelmed with the mess and that's how i feel about them.

Brian Durkin: Well, yea, see that's why I kind oo like Junior Mints they make me think of the movies and I love movies.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, agreed.

Brian Durkin: York Peppermint Pattie's just make me think of Klondike bars for some reason..

Alex Colic: Interesting.

Brian Durkin: And then I'm not thinking about York Peppermint Patties at all and I don't know, Junior Mints is a great episode of Seinfeld and

Alex Colic: That's fair

Brian Durkin: And Seinfeld's great.

Alex Colic: That's fair.

Brian Durkin: Although they did cause some issue, I think as long as you eat them responsibly they are a great treat for the operating theatre.

Alex Colic: Yea that's right. Did it heal somebody or did it kill somebody. I forgot.

Brian Durkin: I don't remember the conclusion.

Alex Colic: I thought it like killed the infection or something. The Junior Mint like the guy ended up like healing up. They thought they were gonna lose him. I forget

Brian Durkin: I forget the conclusion. I think it was just trapped in him forever.

Alex Colic: Yeah, like I'm sure, like whatever melted or whatever and they're like, like the Peppermint like I'm sure like it killed the infection. If I'm remembering. I haven't seen the episode in twenty years but.

Brian Durkin: That makes sense. Lauren definitely knows that

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: She's a Seinfeld connoisseur.

Alex Colic: That's, well I gotta say though commercial-wise, Junior Mints don't exist commercials but York Peppermint Patty commercials are iconic.

Brian Durkin: Well that's interesting that Junior Mints didn't need commercials to take over movie theaters.

Alex Colic: Good point. Good point.

Brian Durkin: They didn't even.. Their campaign was like get on Seinfeld.

Alex Colic: I'm just saying, if York peppermint Patty made little tiny ones In boxes I think they would've crushed your Junior Mints.

Brian Durkin: Yeah like a York Peppermint Minis or something.

Alex Colic: Million dollar idea right there, you just gave it away

Brian Durkin: Oh, yea for sure.

Alex Colic: For Hershey's listening right now.

Brian Durkin: I'll have more ideas.

Alex Colic: Hershey's is istening they're like get it down York Peppermint Patty Minis, holy shit.

Brian Durkin: Yeah they're actually all the listeners for the show

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Just for to stay on the pulse for great food ideas.

Alex Colic: Right. Hershey

Brian Durkin: From FBL studios.

Alex Colic: I love Hershey's.I love..have you ever been to Hershey Park?

Brian Durkin: I have I think as a kid but it's been a really long time.

Alex Colic: It's still pretty dope like it's never a bad

Brian Durkin: It's till pretty great that the road leading to it is called Hershey Highway

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: It's like I mean I know that they need to call it that but they also didn't need to call it that.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah. Which came first the horrible name or the you know

Brian Durkin: True, true

Alex Colic: The like hmmm. Now I dig Hershey. It's a cool, it's a very, very like very almost like uhhh

Brian Durkin: Dutch Wonderland?

Alex Colic: No like ummmm

Brian Durkin: Is that like racist now? Now that i think about it.

Alex Colic: Dutch Wonderland?

Brian Durkin: Yeah. Is it literally is the purpose of that place. Just like look at these weird Dutch people is that the concept? Again I haven't been there since I was a child.

Alex Colic: Well Pennsylvania Dutch.

Brian Durkin: Oh yeah that's true. Yea, yea.

Random Attraction in Pennsylvania

Alex Colic: So like maybe to people who don't know Pennsylvania Dutch, they would be like why are they making fun of Pennsylvania Dutch but the Pennsylvania Dutch are just like this is us this is how we live. You know I mean like.

Brian Durkin: Yea, that's fair. But Hershey is like a legit actual theme park.

Alex Colic: Yea, yea for sure... This is kind of what I was going for it's kind of Stepford Wives-y. You know like that whole town because he built, he built Hershey, to like support the people that worked in the plant. You know what I mean.

Brian Durkin: Sure, that makes sense

Alex Colic: And it's kind of wild, you know I mean, it's a wild just kinda going and visiting there you know. It's neat but the park is super legit like..

Brian Durkin: Yeah

Alex Colic: Like they do, they do it all like Christmas time with all like millions of lights and

Brian Durkin: I heard about that.

Alex Colic: Yeah it's really awesome. You know if you can stand the cold but it's pretty awesome.

Brian Durkin: True.

Alex Colic: It's pretty awesome.

Brian Durkin: Who makes Junior Mints? I don't even know.

Alex Colic: I don't know

Alex Colic: Where we got the box.

Brian Durkin: They're not Hershey. Yeah that's funny. We finally planned ahead this time on Full Belly Laughs, and we actually, we actually have the food to sample. No, this just says It's peanut free and gluten free so.

Alex Colic: Well there you go. We got that.

Brian Durkin: Huzzah! Take that Peppermint Patty.

Alex Colic: Maybe it's on the, is there a front of the box?

Brian Durkin: There's a hundred, only a hundred and thirty calories per serving. But there's 12 servings in this box and there's only four pieces.

Alex Colic: Wow. Well this is a hundred and fifty calories per, for one here so.

Health Benefits of Junior Mints and York Peppermint Patties

Brian Durkin: If I eat twelve pieces I will get fifty percent of my daily sugar. They now actually include the percentage value for sugar. They finally got them to do that?

Alex Colic: Yeah, I think well because Keto is such a thing now like people are so on board for that. Like me, so this is like a treat.

Brian Durkin: Yeah

Alex Colic: I'm trying to be Mr.Keto and I managed to lose six pounds between doctor visits and I'm not..

Brian Durkin: Dude it's like so true, that's why I get so annoyed with politics as it's like nobody actually cares about... Like the issue...I understand you care about the issue, not you Alex but the royal you.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: But nobody else cares. You know what I mean

Alex Colic: Yeah. yeah, right.

Brian Durkin: Like I guess to use this example it's like there are still plenty of people that like hate gays.

Alex Colic: Oh sure.

Brian Durkin: They just finally got convinced that them marrying doesn't affect them.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: And more importantly they can make money off it.

Alex Colic: Right right.

Brian Durkin: So, it's like you know all these companies know how toxic sugar is for you.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah.

Brian Durkin: But it's only after like a movement of people are like we don't buy any products that don't tell us that.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: It's like a s*** now we gotta do it.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: So

Alex Colic: Yeah. No you're a hundred precent right.

Brian Durkin: You gotta put your dollar where your issue is

Alex Colic: No, you're right.

Brian Durkin: That's been the F.B.L. political segment. Very uncanny

Alex Colic: That's outrageous.

The Tasting of Junior Mints and York Peppermint Patties Begins

Brian Durkin: But I haven't eaten dinner. I'm real excited to have the stuff. I'm like actually don't even remember how to open a Junior Mints box right now.

Alex Colic: Just, you go get topside, they got the whole slot...

Brian Durkin: I'm gonna trust you to do it. Since I will fill some time and I'm afraid I'm going to destroy it while I talk

Alex Colic: Here we go. Here we go with a little tab

Review of Junior Mints

Brian Durkin: There's like a special tab. It's funny. I have a feeling from this tasting that I might be hooked on like Junior Mints when I go to the movies now cause I've never really had them.

Alex Colic: Oh, is that right?

Brian Durkin: Even know why. I'm pretty sure I don't like York Peppermint Patty's but who knows? Oh here's a good question. How many junior mints should I have?

Alex Colic: I think to start one, start one.

Brian Durkin: Oh, I got two here.

Alex Colic: Ok.

Brian Durkin: Well because the York Peppermint Patty is so much bigger

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: These are like kind of gummy

Alex Colic: Really soft

Brian Durkin: Super soft. Crazy soft. I don't remember them being that soft.

Alex Colic: It could be because it's a little warm and humid but

Brian Durkin: That's true.

Alex Colic: It was in my house it wasn't in the car or anything so.

Brian Durkin: Hmmmm...Yea, wow....They're pretty delightful.

Alex Colic: They are delightful. .... I mean it's candy for god sake.

Brian Durkin: It never ceases to amaze me how many bad candies there. Like Good & Plenty is disgusting.

Alex Colic: No it's garbage. Who would eat that?

Brian Durkin: It's so bad.

Alex Colic: You know me...

Brian Durkin: There's people that eat it but it's like, I mean.

Jelly vs Chocolate

Alex Colic: Well my whole thing with like fruit based jelly candies, in a world where chocolate exists, why would you eat that garbage at all? Like any kind of jellies or even Jelly beans. I find them completely pointless. There's chocolate people, I don't understand.

Brian Durkin: Well it's so funny because I, maybe this is what should have been the theme for you coming over, but I am actually not a big fan of chocolate.

Alex Colic: I know I heard I've heard you say it.

Brian Durkin: I choose the fruit desserts over, over chocolate.

Alex Colic: Well, like a dessert, I'm down like a good fruity tart or pie or strawberry shortcake.

Brian Durkin: Yeah like, I'll take an apple pie over a chocolate cake every time.

Alex Colic: But that's because, also it's like lighter like you get like a chocolate peanut butter pie or cake or something, like that's a heavier sweeter thing going on. So like I'm down a hundred precent with that, much like candy, like if I'm going to sit down and eat like.. like a candy bar.

Brian Durkin: You sound like Iverson for a second like that, 'we talkin' about candy'

Alex Colic: We talking about candy. Jelly beans? Nobody eats Jelly beans. I mean Peanut M&M's In a world where Peanut M&M's exist I don't understand why anyone would eat, like, I'd rather have a like you said a Good & Plenty. Who would do that?

Brian Durkin: Yeah true. Now how do you eat your Peanut M&M's? Oh also I'm under the assumption that Peanut M&M's are strictly better than regular M&M's

Alex Colic: In, in my opinion

Brian Durkin: Yea, same.

Alex Colic: Cause there's peanut in them.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, peanut, yea.

Alex Colic: Honest to God. I'm a one at a time..

Brian Durkin: Same

Alex Colic: I think we, didn't we talk about this? I feel like...

Peanut M&Ms

Brian Durkin: I don't know. So I, this is the way I found out that I eat my Peanut M&M's like a psychopath. So..

Alex Colic: Oh yea? You're just like ..

Brian Durkin: No, I, one at a time but I suck the chocolate dry until I have a peanut that has never had chocolate and I just eat a peanut.

Alex Colic: I dig that. I also do that.. Like sometimes, ya know, I'll get impatient.

Brian Durkin: Sure, ya chomp. I chomp.

Alex Colic: You know.

Brian Durkin: Yea.

Alex Colic: Like especially in a movie theater you can make a bag of M&M's last forever in a movie.

Brian Durkin: That is the cool part of the Peanut M&M.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: That I think was a hack that I figured out early on as a child. I was like I can make this Candy last a really long time.

Alex Colic: Just regular M&M's to me like are like (snaps finger) gone.

Brian Durkin: Gone like these Junior Mints because they disappeared fast but I feel very refreshed. I have a nice little tingle in my mouth.

Alex Colic: It is, it is a pleasant.. I feel like if I were to house that whole box though it would have been like it would have been like inhaling Noxzema or something like..

Brian Durkin: Yeah. It would have been a bit much, for sure.

Brian Durkin: Well yeah let's see what it feels like to have a full York Peppermint Patty.

Alex Colic: Oh yeah this is exciting.

Brian Durkin: Because if this is mint too then I might be.. I might feel the same thing once I'm done this. But then again it's like..

Alex Colic: You gotta, you got to get the little.. Well it snaps a little bit but it's a little moist in here so.

Brian Durkin: So you have to crack it? That's how you eat it?

Alex Colic: Yea.

Heat Affects the Taste of Candy

Brian Durkin: Alright, it's been cracked. I'm gonna say it's just hot out, or in here because this was, this didn't crack so I think the Junior Mints were like melty. This feels more like a candy.

Alex Colic: Right.

Brian Durkin: Well it's weird, Junior Mints didn't taste like a candy.

Alex Colic: What did it taste like?

Brian Durkin: It tastes like mushy Mint. But there's something about this like coconut esque filling

Alex Colic: It's almost got the consistency of like a, kind of a, but I don't know man these.. I haven't had one of these in ages and I'm really feeling it.

Brian Durkin: You are in your glory right now.

Alex Colic: I'm really really feeling this. I am a, a happy camper right now.

Brian Durkin: I think.. I think York.. Is a better candy.. But..

Alex Colic: You wouldn't enjoy it as much in the theater like that's a better theater experience probably.

Brian Durkin: I like the taste of Junior Mints better, because it was more upfront, being like look if you want mint we got mint.

Alex Colic: You know.. I can't argue that

Brian Durkin: Because the problem here is this taste more like a candy bar. So then I start to think I could just have a better candy bar.

Alex Colic: Interesting.

Brian Durkin: I'm like why don't I just actually get some nougat happenin some..

Alex Colic: Some Snickers action.

Brian Durkin: Yeah why don't I get.. There's got to be something else that's doing a coconut situation. You know Junior Mint is so powerful that I, it's tough to compare to something else

Alex Colic: Interesting. I don't know like I said too much, it's too much for me.

Brian Durkin: It is a bit much. I could never finish that box.

Alex Colic: Yea. It's just too much.

Brian Durkin: I could never finish the box

Alex Colic: Like it seems, it seems like, why, what are we doing?

They Boys Try York Peppermint Patties

Brian Durkin: Yeah. Where this, the Peppermint Patty is..

Alex Colic: Like this is something you would have in a dish at like grandma's house you know and you'd and you'd have one and be like holy s*** grandma really strong, ya know. But this I don't know, it's just..

Brian Durkin: It is weird because it is so much... We only just realized, Junior Mints is really owning the idea of an after dinner mint.

Alex Colic: Interesting.

Brian Durkin: Because it's so powerful, so it really isn't meant to be for that whole box to be eaten. And I can't believe you're actually suppose to follow the serving size. Where York Peppermint Patty is a candy bar that happens to have mint flavor.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: It's not a mint.

Alex Colic: Yeah, there ya go.

Brian Durkin: Although the Junior Mint, not really junior to the swirly after dinner mint. I always found those, it's weird because I like the Junior Mint but those swirly mints are gross.

Alex Colic: Yeah yeah. The hard ones, the hard swirly, yeah.

Brian Durkin: Yea they're like white with the red swirl.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brian Durkin: They're nasty.

Alex Colic: If you don't, if the restaurant doesn't have Andes candies you should get the f*** out, you know what I mean.

Brian Durkin: What's an Andy candy?

Alex Colic: You haven't had the Andes candies?

Brian Durkin: No.

Alex Colic: The, little, little foil, flat, rectangle..

Brian Durkin: Foil, flat, rectangle...

Alex Colic: And they have like, half mint, half chocolate, like long ways, like mint on top chocolate on the bottom, and they're like real thin.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, yeah.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah. Andes candy, Andes candy is dope

Brian Durkin: That's pretty good yea.

Alex Colic: But that's like, fancy, that would be like fancy, quote unquote. But definitely after dinner.

Brian Durkin: Yes.

Alex Colic: Yeah. So

Pros and Cons of Junior Mints vs York Peppermint Patties

Brian Durkin: You know what you might be, you might got me though cause I'm, I feel compelled to finish my.. but you know what.. So I was going to say I like York better because I feel compelled to finish this but because the junior Mints, it's already, like I have to throw that half Patty out if I don't eat it right now. I could theoretically save the Junior Mints I haven't bitten into yet.

Alex Colic: That's true. You could just toss them in the fridge, they'll hold up nice.

Brian Durkin: Yea. If you're not in to commitment the patty might not be for you.

Alex Colic: We've gone deep we've gone deep on the Patty. For sure, for sure.

Brian Durkin: Yeah I don't know. It is good though. Is it supposed to be like coconut, like the center?

Alex Colic: No, it's just mint.

Brian Durkin: That's just mint?

Alex Colic: Yea that's just mint dude. No coconut going on there.

Brian Durkin: Really? It's got like the color and texture inside.

Alex Colic: It's got like, yea it's definitely got like the kind of coconut-y texture going on.

Brian Durkin: yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alex Colic: But I mean, we could, go you know what's better on another episode Almond Joy or Mounds, ya know.

Brian Durkin: True.

Alex Colic: That's an episode right there.

Brian Durkin: Those are two candies after each others throats.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yea for sure.

Brian Durkin: They're like the same thing. Or like whatshisface?

Brian Durkin: Nestle Crunch versus like

Alex Colic: Krackel?

Comparing Candies

Brian Durkin: Krackel yea. Chrunch versus Krackel would be good. Listeners let us know what candies we should battle next. Also let us know what you want to be called. We had someone pitch a name last week the FB Aliens. I like, I like that we have a name, but I'm not married to that name so please let me know and we'll ponder it. We'll table that, you let us know. But yeah and also let us know where you land on Junior Mints versus York Peppermint Pattys. You will have let us know and I'll read them at the end of the show but if you didn't get in on that poll we do do leftover segments where great answers see the light of day on other episodes so.

Alex Colic: Right on.

Brian Durkin: Full Belly Laughs dot com for all the contact forms and Full Belly Laughs for all the social. Hit us up. I will. I will read it, I read that stuff. All right man, yeah. I like, I like Junior Mints because I love the movies and I like Seinfeld. In full disclosure I wasn't totally familiar with their flavors. Both were very delightful and just on the premise of the name I really didn't like York Peppermint Patty but it was tasty. I feel converted.

Alex Colic: York, Pennsylvania. I lived there ten years.

Brian Durkin: Is that where it's actually from? Is that why it's called that?

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Weird.

Alex Colic: That is actually where it's from.

Brian Durkin: I remember watching a video of like a flash mob in York.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: It's about all I know.

Alex Colic: York, PA. Close to Hershey that's who bought York Peppermint Patties, Hershey.

Brian Durkin: Oh we never figured out who made Junior Mints.

Alex Colic: Yea. It doesn't say it on there?

Brian Durkin: They're peanut free and gluten free. Oh Tootsie Roll Industries.

Alex Colic: Ohhh, Tootsie Roll. Yeah, yeah, I guess I did, when I wikied it I did read that. Tootsie Rolls interesting, you know, you know Tootsie Roll.. Whatever that chocolatey.. goo whatever

Brian Durkin: The log that makes the Tootsie Roll.

Alex Colic: You know the story is, the story is that it has a vat, a giant Tootsie Roll goo vat whatever. That is constantly going.

Brian Durkin: Whoa!

Alex Colic: And it never stops rolling and rolling like a cement mixer.

Brian Durkin: Whoa!

Alex Colic: Rolling and rolling, and that it has basically the like DNA from the original Tootsie Rolls that were made. So it's like they just keep like, like what is it called, for bread? The mother, the..?

Brian Durkin: Oh yeah. Yeah like

Alex Colic: You know what I'm talking about? I can't think of it..

Brian Durkin: Yeah

Alex Colic: Right, same idea.

Brian Durkin: Yup.

Alex Colic: It's like, so every Tootsie Roll is like technically has the goo of 90 years like in it's like, right now.

Brian Durkin: Woah! That's pretty cool.

Alex Colic: That's kind of wild right?

Brian Durkin: Well I remember hearing that about apples are equally like it's this hive mind of like cloning, the the original strand.

Alex Colic: Oh man.

Brian Durkin: A million times over.

Alex Colic: Oh apples are crazy.

Brian Durkin: Yeah.

Alex Colic: Like, everything, like well fruit like, the whole thing man and science is taking..

Brian Durkin: It's pretty wild.

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: It's like it's some The 6th Day stuff for sure. It's pretty crazy.

Alex Colic: Well you know even before like labs were doing it like farmers were doing it. Like corn became corn, I mean corn was not corn 400 years ago.

Brian Durkin: It was maize.

Alex Colic: Well it was maize but it didn't, it didn't look like anything like what we got today and then they kept crossbreeding it and crossbreeding it and then they finally got it to this you know big, huge, beautiful, sweet, ya know, thing that we get now. Ya know?

Brian Durkin: I know.

Alex Colic: It's so sweet, ya know?

Brian Durkin: It's funny you can obviously take that stuff too far and you know have situations like The Fly but you can also make something beautiful like a Honeycrisp apple.

Alex Colic: I was just going to say, I swear to God Honeycrisp was right about to come out of my mouth before you said it. I'm like the Honeycrisp apple.

Brian Durkin: It's so good.

Alex Colic: It is, it's not fair. It's not right and it can't be good for you. Like it's got probably more sugar in it, than what we just ate. Like legit sugar, you know what I mean?

Brian Durkin: Yeah

The Best Part of York Peppermint Patty

Alex Colic: Like it is so sweet and perfect. The pop when you bite into a York, uhhh, Honey ha, York Peppermint Patty. A Honeycrisp, oh man, that's one of the best things.

Brian Durkin: There's a lot of great apples out there. This past year, maybe or earlier this year, no, over a year. This isn't that important for me to care about this long but I got introduced to the Sweet Tango.

Alex Colic: Sweet Tango, sounds awesome.

Brian Durkin: That's a great apple.

Alex Colic: That's a great name.

Brian Durkin: It is a great name.

Alex Colic: Sweet Tango

Brian Durkin: Believe me the taste of that apple lives up to its baller name.

Alex Colic: That sounds like a, that's like a great bar name the Sweet Tango, you know what I mean, right.

Brian Durkin: It's dope. It's like the moves you put on somebody.

Alex Colic: Oh man so good.

Brian Durkin: Alright, you want to play some games before you get outta here.

Alex Colic: Sure.

Brian Durkin: So we're gonna try a new game.

Alex Colic: Oh boy.

Brian Explains Punderdome

Brian Durkin: It's called Punderdome. I bought it for the show maybe a year ago, like a long time ago and we've never played it so we're going to try it. Basically how we're going to play it on the show, it's a game, it's party game where you tell dad jokes and you flip over topics and you try to like write down your favorite, your pun and you submit it to the group kind of like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. We're just going to use the decks to try and come up with dad jokes on the fly. This is the first time we're ever doing it and recording this one take, so it's you know.

Alex Colic: Probably going to fail horribly.

Punderdome: The Courtroom and Baking

Brian Durkin: It's probably going to fail horribly. It also could be great. We also could modify the rules. Who knows, but this is a Full Belly first. So we're going to pull one from each deck. I don't know why you're supposed to do that but it says that. We have, 'the courtroom' and 'baking'. And immediately I already can tell the problem with this game which maybe we'll have to save this for the live show is, I can keep talking like this.

Alex Colic: Right

Brian Durkin: To fill dead air, but that means I'm not thinking of puns. Which is pretty brutal. You know but who knows. You got, we can just start, we can workshop the joke.

Alex Colic: The people's bakery

Brian Durkin: Oh yea, the people's bakery, I like that. Yeah.

Alex Colic: That work?

Brian Durkin: Yeah. You know you're going to get served.. some justice. Some justice cakes. Yeah.

Alex Colic: I'm trying to think of a Law & Order pun.

Brian Durkin: Oh yeah, Law & Order There should be a lot here, cause both these things have a lot of things about it. Oh I got you. The, you know this woman she was accused of a crime but in the courtroom they acquitted her said they liter go. Cause a liter is like a measurement, that is never used in baking. Why would you ever use a leader

Alex Colic: Unless we're in like in France making vats of something.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alex Colic: Hey, you took a swing bro. That's fair.

Brian Durkin: Oh this guy. The utensil was trying a good a better deal in the courtroom. He got a teaspoon or a plea-spoon. I don't know which one's funnier or cringier here.

Alex Colic: Cringier. Well you're killing it right now.

Brian Durkin: I'm doing OK. There's there's some there's some dad jokes to be had out there.

Alex Colic: Oh yeah, I have many friends who are going to enjoy this. Actually we're going to have to get this game cause..

Brian Durkin: I think it's a fun game.

Alex Colic: We just play this game without, like, we've been playing this game for years.

Brian Durkin: Exactly, exactly. Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Oh I got one, I think. It's, it's formulating or maybe not.

Alex Colic: Law and donuts?

Brian Durkin: Law and donuts? Oh man, so this this dog. He, he got found guilty in the courtroom. So they sent him to the pound cake.

Alex Colic: Alright, alright, that might be your strongest one.

Brian Durkin: It's so tough, this, ya know. I hope this segment gives people a better appreciation for standup comedy. It's like, it's pretty hard to come out with jokes on the fly, but let's get some new, new topics here we'll just roll with this the whole time

Alex Colic: Yeah, sure.

Brian Durkin: Religion, oh boy, religion and playing video games. This is something we actually both know a lot about

Alex Colic: I do know.

Brian Durkin: Yeah.

Alex Colic: Something about both things.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, yeah actually you know that was part of Jesus's plan. He knew he was going to get crucified which was and he knew that because he put it in the cheat code for it. He was just like Up, down, nail on the left nail on the right.

Alex Colic: Strong, that was, strong.

Brian Durkin: Just doing the whole cross directional thing.

Alex Colic: A - B, A-B

Brian Durkin: Yeah

Alex Colic: Oh man

Brian Durkin: Diagonal spear the whole thing.

Alex Colic: Fortnite Before Christmas

Brian Durkin: Yeah I like that. Yeah.

Alex Colic: Low hanging fruit buddy.

Brian Durkin: Yeah. I was playing. I was playing this video game and it was this Dreidel video game, and when I lost it just said Passover.

Alex Colic: Nice. That was good. That's like you could just, you should write for like Rabbis.

Brian Durkin: I should I'm available for anyone that needs bar mitzvah content.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah, that's solid.

Brian Durkin: I do, also the reason I got this game is I do like your writing really corny dad jokes.

Alex Colic: There ya go.

Brian Durkin: A good joke exercise thing. I think I told of on the podcast before I told some of them on stage to many grooms but there is one that I have that's like, What do you call an American bumblebee that makes connections? A USB.

Alex Colic: That's solid.

Brian Durkin: Yeah.

Alex Colic: That's good.

Brian Durkin: My best dad joke is probably, how does a Jamaican jeweler threaten someone? Die mon. It's so dumb.

Brian Durkin: It's horrible.

Brian Durkin: It's really bad, it's quite terrible.

Alex Colic: Horrible, horrible. It's beautiful.

Brian Durkin: It's amazing anyone might still be listening. There's a whole wealth of stuff we could do here with religion.

Alex Colic: You know if you had actual funny people here they could probably do stuff with this.

Brian Durkin: That's fair. That's fair.

Alex Colic: Ohhh man that's good

Brian Durkin: I was gonna I put in this video game. I got this new cartridge and it was a, it was like the adventures of Muhammad but I eventually gave it up because I could never see where my character was onscreen.

Alex Colic: Well done sir.

Brian Durkin: Thank you.

Alex Colic: I love that one. That is so good. It's perverse.

Brian Durkin: I'm trying to hit all the majors.

Alex Colic: It's provocative. But it was safe.

Brian Durkin: Yes, it was respectful.

Alex Colic: It was respectful Yet provocative.

Brian Durkin: You're not allowed to draw anything that depicts Muhammad.

Alex Colic: That's right.

Brian Durkin: I'm trying to think of some other ones. Oh I play this video game, it was pretty sweet. It was it was really reminded me of like Tony Hawk, it had a great soundtrack. It was the adventures of Buddha and it was just nirvana the whole time.

Alex Colic: You're crushing it. For a guy who's..

Brian Durkin: I'm crushing the dad jokes man.

Alex Colic: Just destroying, destroying.

Brian Durkin: You're not getting in on the action, maybe this..

Alex Colic: No. You know I was thinking of a Dungeons & Dragons style uhh..

Brian Durkin: Oh D&D.

Alex Colic: Yeah, so you have like you know crusaders and crucifixions.

Brian Durkin: Yea, crusader and crucifixions.

Brian Durkin: That would be an interesting D&D thing.

Alex Colic: That was like a four. I'll give it a four. Maybe I'm being generous.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, let's see, religion. That's a thing that people have opinions about. I had something but it's pretty dark and it's not formulated so I have to be careful.

Alex Colic: Yeah, yeah.

Alex Colic: We'll workshop it.

Brian Durkin: Yeah there's something with kids but I haven't figured it out.

Alex Colic: Oh God. This story in PA man, with the Catholic Church Jesus Christ

Brian Durkin: Yea, I know man.

Alex Colic: That is insane, like..

Brian Durkin: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Yeah.

Alex Colic: It's crazy. It is crazy that this still happens and it's been happening. But alright, that's not funny.

Brian Durkin: No it's not.

Alex Colic: Let's get another one.

Brian Durkin: Let's get another round in here.

Alex Colic: One more.

Brian Durkin: And uhh we'll see what we can do. We got weddings.

Alex Colic: Oh boy.

Brian Durkin: Weddings and hiding. Hiding and weddings.

Alex Colic: That's what I should have done when I got married.

Brian Durkin: Yeah my my tinder profile goes into hiding when I get married. Hiding, that's such a weird topic.

Alex Colic: Hiding is weird.

Brian Durkin: It doesn't have the, the play the other ones do. It's tough. It's not hidding, right? No.

Alex Colic: I think that would be two 'D's if it was..

Brian Durkin: Just trying to do anything to make this better.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: Yeah hiding.

Alex Colic: We don't want 'hidding' in marriage.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, yeah. How about I saw, I went to a beautiful gay wedding is between Marco and Polo.

Alex Colic: Wow.

Brian Durkin: I'm trying, hiding sucks man.

Alex Colic: Yeah

Brian Durkin: It's brutal.

Alex Colic: Yeah. that was good though. That's probably as good as you're going to get for hiding. I mean don't know.

Brian Durkin: Pretty, pretty sure, hiding

Alex Colic: Know.

Brian Durkin: Really sure

Alex Colic: Yeah.

Brian Durkin: Hiding. Yeah like I don't know.

Alex Colic: I got nothing.

Alex Colic: Hide and go

Brian Durkin: Hide and go seek..

Alex Colic: Go get in debt.

Brian Durkin: What is, let's get hiding out of here, hiding sucks.

Alex Colic: Terrible.

Brian Durkin: So bad. We'll try another one. We got poetry, okay. Poetry and shopping, poetry and shopping. I wish you can see my hands because I would probably figure out a haiku. Would it be so obvious. You count down as I did it.

Alex Colic: I was thinking haiku too.

Brian Durkin: Yeah haiku is the classic..

Alex Colic: Yup, go to for people that know how to write poetry.

Brian Durkin: For sure, for sure.

Alex Colic: Just count a bunch of syllables.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Man..

Alex Colic: I was just at Shop Rite, that's where I got the York Peppermint Patties.

Brian Durkin: How about this. I went to get some chicken and they elegantly put it together for me. It was a Ty-son it.

Alex Colic: You're the king.

Brian Durkin: That was like a Jeopardy before and after.

Alex Colic: You're the king.

Brian Durkin: Well that was fun. Thank you for entertaining me with trying that game out. It's pretty tough.

Alex Colic: We apologize.

Brian Durkin: Yeah we do apologize. You were very kind with your words saying that I did well, I..

Alex Colic: You did. You crushed it. That's not even trying. You're not even trying.

Brian Durkin: I was trying very hard. The listener doesn't realize I stopped the tape for half hour between each joke.

Alex Colic: It's 1 o'clock in the morning right now.

Brian Durkin: Actually I have no idea what time it is. We probably should get you out of here, but before you go we have something exciting to announce, to tease. So I've mentioned it before but I am doing website work for Full Belly Laughs. So I am revamping the website and in tandem with that. Alex, do you want me to say it or do you want to say it?

Alex Colic: Well I've been told by many people, they're like Alex, why won't you talk about the restaurants the things you do around Philly and South Jersey and you're funny and you make people hungry when you talk about the food. I've heard that a lot and I was like stop, stop, stop. And they're like well go ahead and try. And I did, I did some Magic writing years and years ago and I certainly enjoyed it and I figured I'd ask Durk if he wouldn't mind if I tried to contribute a little bit and see if I can muster up a few words about some cool places that I like to go and my girlfriend Shannon, she's hilarious. I tell everybody she's actually funnier than I am, so..

Brian Durkin: So she's going to be ghostwriting

Alex Colic: She's, she's definitely going to be ghostwriting. I steal her jokes constantly. She just doesn't know it so. But yeah so maybe if I don't sound like an idiot Dirk will allow it on his site, so.

Brian Durkin: Yeah, I can't see why it wouldn't be, it would have to be pretty bad, I'd pretty shocked. Or you lose interest. But yeah basically for anyone that's made it through all the dad jokes you got rewarded with an exclusive that is going to be an exciting column from Alex coming onto the website as well as other cool stuff that we'll tease out as it get closer.

Alex Colic: You going to LA is very exciting.

Brian Durkin: Thank you man.

Alex Colic: And I think it's just really cool.

Brian Durkin: Thank you.

Alex Colic: Like, You're going to do well.

Brian Durkin: Thank you. Yeah I hope so. It'd be wack if I don't

Alex Colic: Yeah it will be indeed wack sir.

Brian Durkin: But yeah the articles won't be out for a good minute so, Alex how can people stay in touch with you now?

Alex Colic: Oh well I have a mildly entertaining social media presence on Facebook under Alex Colic. That's C O L I C. Or I think I was an early adopter of Twitter like forever ago and I only use Twitter when I get a joke in my head and I just want to write it, write it down

Brian Durkin: So like three thirty this morning when you wake up to go to the bathroom and you're like aahhh weddings and hiding I got it. Yeah. Yeah that's when you'll see a tweet from Alex.

Alex Colic: That's what you'll see a tweet.

Alex Colic: And that's big fiber.

Brian Durkin: Yes.

Alex Colic: Because I work in the fiber optics industry and it's just been my handle on most everything for twenty years for some stupid reasons. And I don't really Instagram. I just, cause I don't take pictures of my food anymore I find it boring.

Brian Durkin: I hear ya, yeah.

Alex Colic: But yeah i mean you just if you want to, I have random people like follow me for years just cause they find me amusing.

Brian Durkin: Nice.

Alex Colic: And I'm like ok thanks.

Where to Follow FBL for Polls

Brian Durkin: If you want to see some of Alex's best work which is usually responding to our polls. We usually do polls about future topics on the show like York Peppermint Patties versus Junior Mints on the Facebook page. That's where like most of those polls live so be sure to follow Full Belly Laughs there if you want to get in on the action not only to be a leftover.

Alex Colic: It's always a good time.

Brian Durkin: Yeah. The conversations get pretty fun, sometimes get playfully heated but it's always like pretty hilarious. I constantly and thank you to all these people that have done it. I constantly have people come up to me like that don't comment, but like legit love reading those.

Alex Colic: Good.

Brian Durkin: Yeah

Alex Colic: That's good to hear.

Brian Durkin: They get a kick out of like, they love all the opinions, they always crack up. I have tons of people tell me that.

Brian Durkin: That's like actually the most feedback I get.

Alex Colic: That's really great. That's super. That's really good.

Brian Durkin: Podcast, never listen. But man when people argue soup versus salad that s***'s hilarious.

Alex Colic: Soup, obviously.

Brian Durkin: Yeah for sure for sure, soup. Cool, thanks for being here man. All right.

Alex Colic: All right.Thanks buddy.

Brian Durkin: Yep.

Brian Begins His Outro

Brian Durkin: There you go fam that's the epi. There you have it. boom shocka locka. That's right. In the books. Thank you Alex Colic for coming over and doing the show and he was gracious enough to pick up the snacks ahead of time which was great forethought that you will not always have on this podcast because I could use a team more than me to remember to do everything all the time. But you know those days hopefully will be upon us sooner rather than later as I build the Full Belly empire. Any case. Yeah Alex was great on the show we had a really good time riffing on the Punderdome and chatting about Magic the Gathering cards and debating food stuff and I'm really excited to have him contribute to the website. So I hope you are too. He has some really really funny stuff that he says in our Facebook polls related to the episode topics and I'm hoping that carries over into the writing. And I think it will because he's a funny guy and I think you're really going to enjoy reading them. So lots of awesome content coming out in 2019. Alex is going to be a part of that. But we got a lot of other cool stuff happening too, there's gonna be daily blogs. There should be some other really cool stuff that I don't want to say just yet because in case it doesn't work I'll hate to have promised something that won't exist.

Brian Teases Upcoming Content

Brian Durkin: But just a teaser, my goal is to have daily blog content daily video content and daily audio content. So get ready. It should be the year of the belly. In any case I'm sure the year of the belly's actually what 1996 winner of that movie came out I'm not really sure. Regardless there are some other things I wanted to let you know. Oh that's right, so since I kind of pushed this episode up in the release schedule on the fly because I thought of all the ones in the bank, it made the most sense to release on my birthday. I didn't run a York Peppermint Patty versus Junior Mints poll ahead of time because I don't remember everything all the time. So this is what we're going to do, if you made it this far in the episode. and you got an opinion on one of these two, send us and I'm using the royal us for myself. Send me a message Fully Belly Laughs dot com, use the contact form or hit me up on social Full Belly Laughs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. All that jazz, Full Belly Laughs for all that. If you see this episode shared somewhere right, like if it's shared from the Full Belly Laugh's page, comment there, I'll collect those comments. Now if a friend just happens to plug this episode doesn't tag Full Belly Laughs or tag me,.

Brian Asks the Listeners for Encouragement

Brian Durkin: I might not see your comment so just be sure to like the actual Full Belly Laugh's page and you won't miss any polls. But when this episode drops comment below with your opinion on your Peppermint Patties vs Junior Mints and I'll feature you next week on leftovers so that'll be really fun. We'll hopefully have a robust leftovers section of the pod. So that's what's happening man. I am doing a stand up show in September mid September I believe it's in the New Hope area. We believe the date is in the teens and I believe I'll be working out some cool new stuff while doing the old classics. I do know that that is one of the worst plugs possible. I am letting you know that there could be something that you can or can't go to and there was no real good information. But that's all I got right in front of me right now. I need to follow up on that and make sure I actually know what's going on. In other news there isn't any. Kind of blew my load early on this episode I said everything up front and buttoned it up real good right there I'm just feeling nice and just want to keep chatting but you know how it is. So I guess this is. This is the end of this episode. I can't believe it.

Brian Trying to Sell Things Before He Moves

Brian Durkin: So yeah. Now you guys can get a personal update. So he made this for I'll let you know what's going on. Aha. This is why I want to say so I'm still moving. And if you're listening to this episode even if it's not the day it came out I still have plenty of furniture and items in my apartment that I need to sell. I am downsizing like crazy to put it in perspective. I currently have a two bedroom to myself and I will be moving into a studio with my girlfriend. So that means everything must go and pricing it to go because if I don't get rid of it before Halloween then it's on the curb, right. So if you are interested in a bed set in dressers in couches sofa couches desks kitchen where podcast equipment. I even have four or five more mikes that I can sell. And now some other weird gear too. So again use the same way to contact me for my last role as social phobia alas dot com. There's a contact form that's real easy to find if you are in need of anything to furnish your home to flesh out your kitchen to store things a bunch of different drawers and boxes you can store things in style all the way to pockets and if you're trying to get some stuff on the cheap to kickstart your little podcast situation.

Brian Closes the Show

Brian Durkin: Hit me up. I got stuff that needs to go. So that's that's the situation that's why I wanted to tease the very end here. That was the plug. That was worth staying for you if you made it this far then guess what. You get to get in on the action. Those fools that left early they thought the episode was over. Now they miss out on a microphone splitter for a dollar or two dollars. I'll take whatever you'll give me. I'll also have to make sure I didn't already sell that piece of equipment for now. In all seriousness what I really need to say at this moment is thank you so much for listening and hanging out with me. You can do anything with your time but you chose to listen to full blast instead of music instead of other podcasts or instead of your own thoughts. And that takes a lot of bravery. Which is a funny way to say bravery but now it's just it takes consideration whether you know it or not and I want you to know that I appreciate it and appreciate you for spending your time full buy laughs. So thank you very much. Have a great day. Have a great week. I'm going to have a good birthday and I'll see you next time when food meets funny on Full Belly Laughs, goodbye, I love you.

Episode Recap

York Peppermint Patties vs Junior Mints is all about flavor. How much mint can you handle? Do you like a subtle pop while chewing something that feels like coconut? Then take a trip to York, PA and hit up that peppermint patty factory. If you like a blast of mint in a chocolate ball, than Mints the Second is who you seek. You don’t want his father, the junior is what you’re after.

What Really Went Down in this Episode

Host Brian Durkin invites friend, past guest, and Facebook Poll commenter Alex Colic back on the show. They discuss the pros and cons of both candies. Before they dive into the conversation the boys chat a bit about nerdy games. After that brief aside they dive into trying the candies and weighing in. To wrap up the episode they play a new game on the show: Punderdome. Players do their best to come up with jokes based on prompts. Alex is too kind of a guest has he marvels over the dad jokes Durkin whips up in a jiffy.

Summarizing York Peppermint Patties vs Junior Mints

The big difference here is the intensity of the mint flavor. York Peppermint Patty is subtle, focusing mostly on the texture. It’s like a chocolate covered coconut substitute with the hint of mint. Junior Mints on the other hand don’t mess around when it comes to fresh flavor. They pack a savage punch of mint. If you want your chocolate candies to leave you mouth feeling “oh so good”, then the Juniors Mints is where you want to be.

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