Butt Bar Bathrooms

Episode 144 | Oct 2, 2018

Waiting in line for the bathroom at the bar is the worst.

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Bar bathrooms are not known as the premier spot to drop some dookie fruits. Nothing is ever going to beat the throne at home, especially for anything other than number one. But even tickling is annoying at some pubs, especially if it's that dive bar down the street. On this episode the comedians chat about what bathrooms at bars and restaurants reign supreme.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 144 Show Notes

James Mascuilli jumps out from behind-the-scenes to sit in front of the mic. Brian and James discuss their history together, which includes the podcast and the comedy scene. After that they begin to chat about cool places to drink and hang out at in Philly. The conversation takes a turn though as the boys both realize they have small bladders. That's when they go deep on what it's like to use a restaurant or bar bathroom.

Restaurant and Bar Bathrooms Pros and Cons

No bathroom experience will ever beat the comforts of home, but when you got to go you got to go. The best restaurants will keep their bathrooms clean. But don't let a day time set-up deceive you. The dinner hour at PJ Whilly Blouchs might be fine, but once the brahs roll in for night drinking forget it. The flow will be wet and not because it received a fresh cleaning.Private gender neutral single stall rooms are the best set up. They provide the most privacy, which could be fun if you and your partner are freaky. These types of bathrooms are also just nice. Nobody wants a chatty Kathy next to them in the stall or urinal, so the privacy here keeps that at bay.

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