Dr. Pepper vs Mr. Pibb

Episode 143 | Sep 25, 2018

Which soda with a doctorate is the better drink?

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Dr. Pepper vs Mr. Pibb is a timeless battle between peppered sodas. And yes that's apparently a category of soda. We dive into it all. Does Pepper have an actual medical degree? What does Pibb do for a living besides hang out with Dr. Thunder? These questions and many more fun inquiries explored on this episode of Full Belly Laughs.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 143 Show Notes

Comedian Scott Armstrong joins host Brian Durkin for a light conversation about two classic sodas: Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb. If you haven't heard of Mr. Pibb, don't worry about it. During the course of the show the boys learned that Mr. Pibb no longer exists. He's upgraded himself to Pibb Ultra, or something like that. Check the transcript for full details. They also make every corny joke under the sun about Pepper and his doctoral degree. Fans of the pod can't resist either, and the poll is littered with opinions about Pepper being a doctor.After the soda debate the guys play several rounds of Punderdome. They come up with some great jokes on the fly, so be sure to listen for the full delivery and cadence.

Dr. Pepper vs Mr. Pibb Final Thoughts

At the end of the day it's all about your preference. People love Dr. Pepper, but it's way more popular than Mr. Pibb. If given the chance, patrons of Pepper might convert. But we'll never know, since original Mr. Pibb no longer exists. Well they no longer produce it. You can buy a can of Mr. Pibb on Amazon for 25 bucks, so it's clearly worth something to some people. If you care about doing hip things and don't mind being called a hipster, then buy a twenty-five dollar can of soda and ball out. Be sure to instagram it or something so you can claim it as a business expense.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Which soda with a doctorate is the better drink?

Learn about the pros and cons of Dr. Pepper versus Mr. Pibb, and why one drink is the clear winner in this debate now.

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