Tender, Love, & Care in Food

Episode 135 | Jul 31, 2018

Another personal update from the host: THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER!

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TLC food is when something is made with true attention to detail. The kind of detail that only exists in a loving heart. Host Brian Durkin and now girlfriend again Lauren Daniels discuss their winding road from together to separated to together again. It was all done over some TLC food.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Another personal update from the host: THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER!

After a brief separation, Brian and Lauren are back together! Hear how it all happend and how the podcast saved their relationship.

Lauren Daniels is a content creator, yogi, graphic designer, vegan, and essential oil enthusiast. She believes there are a myriad of healthy, eco-friendly (and pocket friendly) swaps for your everyday life. Discover these alternatives by watching her videos on YouTube, or following her on Instagram and Pinterest.

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