Banh Mi McDonalds

Episode 134 | Jul 24, 2018

Banh Mi, McDonalds, and so much more discussed on this podcast episode.

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Authentic banh mi requires foie gras, and that's how it would come if you ordered it in Vietnam. Usually in the States it just means a sandwich has carrots, cilantro, and sometimes jalapenos. Those ingredients aren't wrong, but they're missing that key detail of French influence on Vietnamese cuisine. Luckily we have a bunch of comedians on this episode to set things like this straight.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 134 Show Notes

Three new guests join the host in a new intimate setting for recordings. Brian moved the studio into his bedroom to make way for a new roommate. The gang appreciated the set-up and jumped right into the action on their opinions of jobs and cuisine. After some fun conversation they played a couple rounds of Super Fight.

Banh Mi and McDonald's

So how do these things go together? Well Tan Hoang worked at McDonald's and also knows about authentic banh mi. The beauty of McDonald's as a fifteen year old is that they are the only place that hires you. Plus your body can handle all of the awful food.As for banh mi, Tan Hoang enlightened us that you need foie gras to make it the authentic Vietnamese way. We discuss where you can find good banh mi, even if it's not official.It's funny how something you like can not be authentic. Like General Tso didn't pass down his recipe for chicken for thousands of years. If anything General Tso might be some Italian dude that happened to own a Chinese food store in America.So you enjoy Americanized banh mi. So what? We like what we like and that's okay. Just remember that if your next banh mi comes with foie gras they are not the weird ones.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Banh Mi, McDonalds, and so much more discussed on this podcast episode.

Comics chat about all of their favorite things, including combining Banh Mi with McDonalds. Take a listen and learn something new.

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