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Episode 155 | Dec 18, 2018

More tipping etiquette discussed, and why tipping is so important to servers.

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We are back talking about tip culture. It's just too deep of a topic sea to not revisit. Besides chatting about how much to tip, we dive into all the places you could tip. This is a fun conversation that gets real about the tipping world we live in.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 155 Show Notes

Comedian Michael Kelly meets up with host Brian Durkin at Chapterhouse Cafe in South Philly. They catch up a bit before pressing record, but once they show is under way it's all hot fire. They chat about the cafe for a few fun moments. After that it's time for the meat and potatoes of the episode: tip culture. Michael shares his experiences working in the restaurant industry, and Brian backs him up with his limited experience as a food runner. They also chat about all the different contexts that could warrant tipping someone for their service. After doing a thorough discussion on tip culture, the guys play a few rounds of Super Fight to close out the hang.

Tip Culture Etiquette

Most reasonable people agree that the standard rate to tip in 2018 for a food service is twenty percent. That's when you go to a restaurant to eat, someone seats you, and a server waits on you. Outside of that situation it starts to get real grey real quick. What about a more fast casual place? Like you go to a counter and order your food, someone brings it to you, but they don't wait on you. Would you tip? How do you know? Also what about other nonfood related things such as maintenance workers or other service positions.We concluded on the show that it's best to just tip when you have the money to spare and you believe the extra money would really make a difference. For example a barista doesn't make server wages, but it's still not reasonable to try and live off of minimum wage. If you can afford to buy a fresh cup of coffee out, you can also afford to through a dollar in the tip jar. If not then maybe reevaluate how much money you spend eating and drinking out. As for other situations it's still a little harder to discern, but this general rule still applies.

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