Sex vs Favorite Food

Episode 204 | Nov 26, 2019

Do you prefer nuts or nutting? Learn the pros and cons of different ways to "eat".

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Sex vs food: enjoy some nookie or have a cookie. It's the ultimate debate of the human experience, except not really. Food you use so you can live. Sex you leverage to show your love. Both are great, but is one really better? We discuss in the silliest way possible.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 204 Show Notes

Brian hits the cast hot out the gate with some improvised singing, but it doesn't take him long to address the topic at hand: sex vs food. He make the keen observation of eating fruit is like having sex with that plant. From there he weighs the pros and cons of sex vs food. After thinking about the topic for quite some time, he turns to the polls. The members of the FuBeLa Nation weigh in on the topics, thanks to social media. Once the comments were read, Brian closes the episode with a fun round of Punderdome.

Sex vs Your Favorite Food

The general sentiment among the people is that sex is better than your favorite food. To expand the conversation, it's not really possible to go without food in general; however, that wasn't the original question. The poll is in and people chose sex with their partner versus having their favorite food. This really depends on your situation. Some greedy folks wanted both at the same time. Other veteran single people opted for their favorite food over trying to keep swiping on the apps.

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