Brown Gravy vs Red Sauce

Episode 217 | Feb 25, 2020

Which liquid will your protein bathe in before you eat it?

Sauce vs Gravy

On this episode of the Full Belly Laughs Podcast, we discuss the pros and cons of brown gravy vs red sauce. Comic and host Brian Durkin dives into some of his favorite points about each liquid, then turns the debate over to the listeners. After rattling off some of the best answers, he highlights the best food holidays of the week and plays Super Fight.

Why Brown Gravy Is Great

It's jam-packed with flavor. Considering that most meat sauces are brown gravies made from the juices of the animal, it's really not fair to compare it to red sauces. This combination of flesh with animal tears turned sauce makes brown gravy a clear winner for meat lovers. A vegetable-based dark roux is no slouch either, plus buttered noodles love them a brown bath. Considering pasta is typically a red sauce player, the egg noodle crossover is big versatility points for brown gravy. The ceiling on brown gravy is also higher than red sauce. When you go to a nice restaurant, or put in the work at home to make something incredible, brown gravies tend to explode with flavor.

Why Red Sauce Is Great

It's super tasty and reliable. Although brown gravies have a high ceiling, they have a low floor. The baseline for red sauces is pretty legit; shoppers can buy a high quality jar at the supermarket for a few bucks. Considering that quality pasta is only a couple bucks as well, red sauce lubricates one of the easiest and tastiest meals you can make at home. The real reason red sauce rocks is that it's a foundation of pizza. If you tried to make pizza with brown gravy, you would just be a greedy little piggy trying to drench your Frisbee-sized bread stick in animal juice. That's gnarly. Red sauce really carries pizza, which makes red sauce a dominate play in the liquid realm.

Let the Liquid Flow

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