SAMO Ramen

Episode 194 | Sep 17, 2019

Brian invites a ramen connoisseur to tell him about all of Santa Monica's ramen.

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Ramen is a classic dish most people have tried. There is a big difference though between high quality ramen, and the dollar instant noodles you heat up in college. Learn about what makes Ramen so amazing on this episode.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 194 Show Notes

Yair Villanueva joins Brian Durkin for an on location podcast recording. They do the episode in his car, and discuss all the great options that exist in Santa Monica. Throughout the conversation Yair breaks down what makes a great ramen great. The boys also trade stories about working retail, and how strange people are destined to walk in on your shift. After the conversation, the guys close the episode with a round of Super Fight.

Santa Monica Ramen

If you are looking for high quality Ramen in Santa Monica, this is the definitive list.


This is the gateway ramen. It's overall good, and they've got decent variety. It's a must try for anyone in the SAMO or Greater Los Angeles Area.


Traditional style ramen and tsukumen. They've changed up their broth recipe and it's amazing! Check it out.


The most famous LA spot on the list. They have multiple locations. If you had to only go to one place, this would be the place.

Killer Noodle

Focus on spicy ramen. If you like hot food, this is your ramen spot. You order on a scale from 0-5 for spicy. Even spicy lovers tend to tap out at a 3 or 4. Only order a 5 if you want to die or have already burned off your taste buds.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

Brian invites a ramen connoisseur to tell him about all of Santa Monica's ramen.

Learn about what makes ramen so great from a guy that's devours most of the ramen Santa Monica has to offer.

Yair Villanueva is a ramen connoisseur and scone fanatic. He also gets paid to be a nerd, which may or may not be better than nerding out for free. You can follow him on Twitter

Brian Durkin is on Twitter and Instagram.

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