Pies vs Cakes

Episode 116 | Mar 20, 2018

We debate the best baked circular desserts.

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Pies vs cakes is an age old dessert debate. One pairs best with ice cream while the other one can be made out of ice cream! This is going to be a tough one to decide. Lucky for us plenty of fans wrote in with their passionate opinions on this matter.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 116 Show Notes

On this episode the gang focused on fan submitted content. They chatted about pies and cakes themselves, but the gold lied in the listener answers. Their opinions ran wild with strong answers for pie vs cakes, but also cakes vs pies.

Pies vs Cakes Debate

Nothing encapsulated the drama of this debate better than an exchange on our Facebook poll. Alex from Magnolia is a long time listener and contributor to the show. Jose Ramos is a pastry chef, who we featured on last week's episode about the best cakes. These two had some words for each other. Enjoy.

Alex and Jose FB Battle

Alex from Magnolia, NJ wrote in:

Cake! Much like my argument for pancakes, cake has more range. You can go German chocolate cake, coconut cream cake, strawberry shortcake, or my favorite, Italian wedding Cake! Among hundreds if not thousands more varieties! There's science involved with making cake. To make a pie, you get a crust, plop some filling inside it and bam, pie. Cake is art, it's beautiful. The show is called Cake Boss not Pie Boss and it's called a Wedding CAKE not a Wedding Pie! You don't get birthday Pie! Jesus Christ people! Look, don't get me wrong, I'll eat a birthday pie, I like pie but if there's a good cake and a good pie on the table, I'm going cake first every time. I'll come back for a slice of pie later when nobodies looking...

Jose Ramos Responds

He couldn't let this nonsense stand. Jose writes:

This is just wrong.Cake is not art. Cake is literally the easiest thing to make.Pie is art. You make your own crust, and you use fresh produce for fillings.if you’re buying pre-made crust and pre made fillings, you’re 100% fucked in the head. And your argument is not valid.

Alex Fires Back

Alex from Magnolia is not one to cower from an FB disagreement. He replied with the following:

You can use fresh produce in cake...and you're arguments are nonsensical. So talk to the cake cause ain't nobody listening to you. Oh and also, history agrees with me. Let them eat cake! not pie.

We're Heating Up

Now things get interesting.Jose: That’s your counter? Cool. So cake is sh!t. And literally can be made by a child.Alex: Nope, original argument stands. Cake has more range. Pie is pie is pie. Cake can be a multitude of styles and flavors. And to repeat someone else's post, pie, even fancy pie is easy. But cake is easy to fuck up and it's ruined. Miss an ingredient in a pie and it's still fine.

Richard from Fishtown Joins the Party

Some of the regular listeners couldn't let Alex and Jose have all the fun. Rich writes:

i think you guys should have a Full Belly Laughs Bake off. Cake vs Pie

The Distraction Doesn't Work

Only momentarily does Richard gain their focus.Alex: Well, considering Jose is a professional baker and I'm more of a professional eater, he has a distinct advantage.Jose: Yeah the advantage that I’m right and anyone defending a cake as being more technical to create is a fucking Turd.Richard: well, just name your baking champion to take your place...Alex: You think Buddy will come down from Hoboken?Jose: Yeah get that celebrity chef fucking clown shoe.He’s a fucking sellout and makes the worst fucking cake I have every tasted. The Only technical work with cakes, is decorating and buttercream making.And the subject isn’t about either of those.Alex: Your debate skills are truly dizzying, Jose. Tell me how you really feel.

Thank You to Our Fans

Full Belly Laughs has some of the most passionate fans and guests. Thank you for making these topics awesome. The emotions run high, and that's all good. In the end we still care about each other and are still friends, even if that monster likes a different dessert than you.

Pies vs Cakes

Both of these desserts have their place. Ideally you want cake when you need to celebrate. There is no birthday pie. Cakes are reserved for special occasions, and when done right are legit amazing. That said pie is the better everyday delight. You can't just have your cake and eat it all day. Pie is the compromise. It's delightful and delicious, but reasonable at the same time.

Got thoughts on pies vs cakes. Be sure to let us know by using our contact form.

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

We debate the best baked circular desserts.

Comedians and fans of the podcast share their opinions on which dessert is better: pies or cakes. Read about it or listen now.

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