Packed Lunch Pro Tips

Episode 179 | Jun 4, 2019

You could eat out every single day, but that costs money. Save with these tips.

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A packed lunch is a thing of glory. It's the crowning achievement of being a legit adult. Planning ahead and saving money like a boss, someone that packs their lunch is truly special. Balling out of control and buying lunch is dope too, but today we celebrate how to successfully pack a lunch.

Full Belly Laughs Podcast Episode 179 Show Notes

On this solocast, Brian gives a rundown on his struggles to pack a lunch. In this confession he provides some lessons learned on how to pack a lunch everyday. He runs through the key features of a successful packed lunch. After diving into the topic, the monologue wanders for comedic effect. The show closes with a fun round of Super Fight.

Pro Tips for Packing a Lunch

There are several key things to take into account when packing a lunch:

  • Avoid soggy bread for sandwiches
  • Make sure all the containers fit in your lunch pail, and that fits in you bag
  • Pack the night before if possible

Podcast Show Notes: Links and References

You could eat out every single day, but that costs money. Save with these tips.

Comedian Brian Durkin does a monologue about how to successfully pack your lunch. Read about or listen to his pro tips for a packed lunch.

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